Aramid fiber – A man-made synthetic fiber

An aramid fiber is also known as aromatic polyamides which is a man-made organic polymer that can be produced from the liquid chemical blend. This fiber contains wide range of properties that are having low density and high strength but it has well resistant to impact. The molecules that present in the aramid fiber are characterized by the rigid polymer chains and it is linked with powerful hydrogen bonds. The aromatic polyamides were commercially treated as meta-aramid fibers in the year of 1960. However these fibers are extensively used for ballistic applications and the presence of high strength properties is used for various applications.

The aramid fibers are having some general characteristics which is differentiate from synthetic fibers that includes integration of good fabric at elevated temperature, non-conductive materials, high strengthen power, zero melting point, low flammability, good resistance power to abrasion and organic solvents. These characteristics are combined with stiff polymer molecules that contain powerful crystal orientation and making close interaction between polymer chains. However these fibers are strong synthetic fibers and heat resistant class which contains ballistic composites and fabrics. These fibers contain high level of orientation when compare to other fibers such as high molecular ultra weight polyethylene.

Importance of aromatic polyamides

The Para aramid fiber is a kind of nylon which is comprised with amide bonds as well as linked benzene rings with its molecular structure. Initially this fiber is distinguished as an aliphatic polyamide fiber and then treated as aramids. This great conventional fiber contains both properties and applications and it is broadly categorized into two ways that includes para-compounds and meta-compounds. The molecular structure of para-compound is linear whereas the molecular skeleton of meta-compound is zigzag. The typical example of aramid fiber is poly-paraphenylene which comes under the para-linked aramid fiber.

The presence of general properties in aramid fiber is very sensitive to salts as well as acids, ultraviolet radiation, low elongation; high strengthen to weight properties and many more. Thos aromatic polyamides widely used for composite materials, heat-resistant clothing, fiber optic cables, ropes, filtration fabrics, asbestos replacement, fiber products like spectra, sulfron, tires, helmets, sport goods like hockey sticks, tennis and jet engines and so on. Therefore this aramids can be appeared in the following ways such as pulp, chopped fiber, fiber and powder. This organic polymer is produced by the spinning which is 100% sulfuric acid that dissolves polymer to the solid fiber in the form of chemical blend.

Why aromatic fiber is used in industry?

The aromatic heat-resistant synthetic fibers is mainly used in the military and aerospace applications in which the chain molecules that present in this fiber are highly oriented with fiber axis. This aramid fiber is the popular usage of industry purposes in all over the world that can be used in chemical environment with low absorption properties. This fiber has strong filament which are able dissolve organic solvents and composed with strong chemicals. The major reason for using in the chemical industry is to perform strong chemical reactions and also it has high level of caution by using these chemicals.

Aramid fiber – A man-made synthetic fiber

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