Best Smartphone/Tablet Combination for Business

So much has changed over the years for businesses as a whole. Times were when desktops were the way to go. ERP systems made things very easy for companies, but the stationary nature of the desktops meant that things were still not being realized to their full potential. Along came laptops and high speed internet. It realized the true potential for remote working. As a company, now the things have shifted to a smartphone and tablet combination, especially if you are in the retail sector. Tablets serve because of their excellent balance between productivity and portability.

There are currently two viable options out there, if you are following a tablet/smartphone combination. One is iPhone/ iPad one, which is rather rare; with the more popular one being Galaxy S7/Galaxy Tab Pro S. Let us explain why!

Galaxy S7


This flagship phone from Samsung has become one of the highest grossing phones for the company. Why? It has some truly remarkable features, including an IP68 rating which means that it is dust proof and water resistant. Let us be honest, what is one of the biggest reasons for a handset getting bricked. If you have kids, then it is definitely water damage. It is no secret that water and electronics do not go hand in hand. But, due to an excellent water resistance this parent friendly phone will stay safe. The set is protected by a dual gorilla glass structure, which is one of the primary reasons for its durability. It is a set which is ideal for the whole staff, including staff members with troublesome kids. Other important features include a latest Octa-Core setup which can handle the most strenuous of applications and multitasking. You can read the main features in detail here.

However, the real benefit in using this as the company phone is the increase in productivity that can be achieved by using this device. It would be ideal to have a small training session to acquaint your employees with the advanced tips and tricks of Android. And if you run a tech company which is working towards a more immersive remote working experience, the Samsung Gear VR will be an excellent addition to the mix.

Galaxy Tab Pro S

Tab Pro S

Before this nice tablet was unveiled in CES 2016, Samsung was lagging behind in the tablet arena. However, this Windows 10 based 2 in 1 Tablet is the ideal solution for your floor management in the retail space or your warehouse. It has a nice 12- inch screen which will make working on it easier. It further comes with a FHD display and is compatible with a stylus. And if you want to push up the productivity, it has a portable keyboard which can be attached in just a couple of seconds to give you access to the whole range of features. It further supports LTE connectivity and has a large battery of 5200 mAH, so that you do not run out of juice in the middle of operations.

Samsung is a giant corporation which has been on the forefront of innovation even leaving behind Apple in some cases. The ingenious curved screen on the phones and even their Safety Truck venture, all show that the Korean giant is set to rule. However, we know that all companies cannot afford to equip their staff with both a smartphone and a tablet. If you have to choose one of them we suggest that you research, whether a tablet or smartphone will benefit your business more and then make an informed decision.



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