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Atookee Ocean

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Atookee Ocean is the first of a series of games designed with Autistic children in mind. A game that eliminates anxiety & provides fun for hours.

You can’t lose and can’t make mistakes! Jump back and forth between levels, no ads, no interruptions, just hours of fun! Created by a family touched by Autism, the Atookee character provides kids of all ages an entertaining game using the sound, colors and actions preferred by kids. Our family tests shows that while playing Atookee, Mom and Dad can actually have dinner peacefully and eliminate the usual anxiety created by complex functions or instructions in most games! On top of all the fun, Atookee’s founders have a firm commitment to give back to certain organizations that help kids with disabilities, meaning you will help others while helping yourselves. Autism can lead to sad situations but it can also motivate you to do great things!


Fun and relaxing kids game.
Silly character designs approved by kids.
Fun music.
Hours of cute fish popping, starfish popping, seahorse popping, whales popping, crab popping, lobster popping and bubble popping action.
Constant on screen positive award sounds and images for the little ones to feel accomplished.
Defeat the crab bosses to unlock their trophies.
Kids can pick any stage or move on to their favorite one at any time.
Designed to entertain children of all ages from two years and up.
Designed with kids with autism in mind
Great for all kids
Constant on screen positive award sounds and images for the little ones to feel accomplished
Pure entertainment, zero ads or complex menu
Reduces anxiety when kids with autism play game


Admob Integrated.
Revemob Integrated.
Easiest Reskin.
Complete Documentation.
Complete source code.

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