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You will get an in-deph, step by step documentation on how to reskin. Download it for NOW free and take a look at how much “Box’s – The ultimate game for all” has to offer you.

What’s new in Ver 1.1


Added 2 player mode over WIFI network.

The secret

What lies in App store monetization is not just throwing low quality re skinned version of flappy bird clones with ads bombarding. Users are now fed up with it. What work best and what was proven so far is the novelty of the app/game, which force user to stick for hours with their devices, no matter whatever happen to world he lives in.

If you’re one of them and want to keep doing thing like that… than please stop reading right now, and please don’t buy “Box’s – The ultimate game for all” , believe me, it’s not for you. But if you do beliver in good app value, than this source code is a must.

A++ Source code

“Box’s – The ultimate game for all” is a top notch, A++ source code that’s for someone who believe in himself.

You will have to be believe in your app/game and have 100% of your trust in it. Once you are sure of it, no one can stop you or your app to be on TOP CHART list.

The Feature

Let’s take a close look at the features “Box’s – The Ultimate game for all” has to offer you. If you haven’t taken a look at the attached screenshots yet, than please take a moment to see it before continuing ahead. It covers most of the features but let’s talk a little bit more about them.

The main purpose of “Box’s – The Ultimate game for all” is to be an easy to reskin and highly earning app for you.

Single/double player mode

Three difficulty levels

Selection of different colors

Game Center support with leaderboards

Toggle vibrate and Sound FX on/off

Rate with a tap of a button

More apps page (from Chartboost)

Chartboost Adnetwork

Possiblity to add other network like Applovin, RevMob

Room for new in-app purchase introduction

Wifi play

What we call a Powerful Monetization System

We believe in simplicity just like the developer of original Flappy bird. Do not load user with lots of options and in-app purchase. What exactly user wanted to have fun in whatever little free time he has. This game follow the same rule, lets the play begin from very first moment user install the app and once he start liking your app, it will be your jackpot of gold.

What are you waiting for?

Now, that you are fully convinced, click on that BUY NOW button and enjoy “Box’s – The Ultimate game for all”.

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