Holiday Gift Guide: Gift Ideas For Him

Since time immemorial mankind has been in the habit of giving gifts. What was the first gift ever given? It is a difficult question and the answer may vary according to what someone believes in. If you believe in Cavemen, then it is safe to assume that it may have been a rock. However, it is very interesting that the most expensive gift we can give, nowadays, is another rock. Albeit, one which has been under pressure for a long time by a huge lump of dirt. Yes, you have guessed it; it is indeed a diamond that we are talking about. Or it may have been a stick, which is once again a popular and expensive choice. However, over the years it has developed the ability to make loud noises and shoot small stones at long distances. Yes, we are talking about guns, now, which are some of the most expensive sticks in the world.

Regardless of that let us proceed; if you believe in the Creationist Theory, then it was life itself. And hence, the greatest gift to someone would be to save his life. While, it may seem plausible to wait for an opportunity to save him from an accident or some other catastrophe, we suggest you save him by making him quit smoking – for apparently every cigarette smoked takes away 11 minutes of your life. We wonder if there is something else which takes 11 minutes or less, which incidentally, also leads to a life.

Now, if you believe in the theory that we are actually aliens who got stranded on earth, the greatest gift, we suppose would be to put him in a spaceship and send him back to the planet he came from. And if he is a gamer, then it is most probably his room, where he is fighting a war against all the Zergs and Noobs.

And if you believe in the Theory of Potato, then we would recommend One Potato, Two Potato; with a pinch of Tomato.

But, let us be thankful that we do not have to deal with these complex people, or if you do you have our condolences. Marching forward – for everyday Joes – we bring you our list of Top Gifts for Him.

Fit Kit



This kit will bring you most of the benefits of the gym and is so compact that it can be placed in your bag. Its light weight and compact nature means it can accompany you in all your travels. You will not have to miss a workout due to lack of equipment anymore. It comes with a guide to help you with Strength, Cardio, and Flexibility exercises.

$34.99 at

C4 Belt

c4 belt

It is a belt which is made from the same material that is used for snowmobiles. Perhaps, that is the reason why the creators offer a lifetime guarantee on the belt. It is waterproof, interchangeable, easy to clean, and comes in more colors than you can imagine. What more can you ask of a belt?

$31.99 at

NYC Money Mask


Do you often dream of money, if yes, then this is the best sleeping mask to accompany your dreams. It has real shredded money on display and is very comfortable to use. Do not be afraid, nothing illegal was done to acquire this shredded money. It was meticulously collected from the Federal Bank of Boston.

$ 9.99 at

Motion Sensor



This small motion sensor will open the world of home automation to you. Designed in a very compact eyeball shape, it not only detects motion, but can also detect and control ambient temperatures, acceleration, and light intensity.

$59.95 at

Heritage Weekend Duffle

heritage bags


This is a tribute to an old product, but things have a tendency to come around when they are really useful. This is perfect for taking care of you on the weekend while travelling. This has just enough space to accommodate your clothes for the weekend and some essential items.

$498.00 at

Statesman - Navy. American Made Stars And Stripes USA Flag Socks


Do you love your country? Then this is just the perfect blend for you. Made in USA with Navy blue background, Red & White stripes and stars, these will complement your patriotic sweater. They come with a 3-month warranty, and for every pair sold $1 is donated to a fund for US Military Veterans in need.

$ 15.00 at

Grapefruit Radler Craft Beer Soap

Bear soap

It is a multipurpose soap which will provide you with lather during shave and soothe your skin if used more regularly. It can help in bringing a balance to you skin’s oils. The ingredients are 100% natural and the Beer will have your skin feeling healthy in no time.


adult book


This coloring book is made for adults and children, alike. They can color the various designs and photographs, and each one will turn out to be different from the other. Its ancient Mayan Art patterns will keep people of all ages engrossed in coloring.


yuppy puppy

This treat will please your dog. It can be used as a reward and will work equally well as a half time treat. It is made from natural pork products and contains the right mix to keep your canine friend healthy and vibrant.

$14.99 at


natural bath

This is a treat for your skin. The manufacturers have made this keeping in mind your skin’s moisturizing needs. It will leave your skin smooth and silky, with a pleasant fragrance. It is made from all natural products and will appeal to people of all ages.

$8.50 at

Inkling - Full size Roll on Glass bottle



This is a scent which will stay with you, very unlike your alcohol based perfumes, which have a tendency to evaporate over time. Though this will be lighter at the beginning, it will stay with you longer. This is because the oils will get absorbed into the skin and release fragrance over time.

$25.00 at

Caribou Quilted Shirt — Dusk


This shirt will keep you warm and in style. The fabric is treated with DryRise water resistant technology, which will keep you safe in snow and light showers. It is quilted with 100% polyester and it can be worn alone or layered up with a jacket.

$139.00 at

Gift Set of Three Lip Balm Lulu Tubes


This gift is for a person who appreciates the natural things in life. It is made from Beeswax, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba Oil, Sweet almond oil, Cocoa butter, lanolin, and other essential oils. It will keep your lips healthy and in perfect shape.

$12.95 at

Collar Perfect

collar perfect

If you find it difficult to make the proper creases and have difficulty in pressing in between pockets and buttons, then this is just the device that will solve your problems. It comes with different temperature settings for different materials and is very compact.

$34.95 at

The Original


If you value your privacy and want protection on even public networks, then this is made for you. It is a plug and play device which will route all your traffic through the famous TOR Network. It can be plugged into existing routers and internet devices, making the usage easy.

$79.99 at

Gentleman’s Pack


This packs 5 bottles of beard oil, in all the five scents by Wazida. It can fulfill your beard oil needs for up to 5 months. This is perfect if you want to try all the five scents, and would like to keep them separate for use on different conditions.

$84.94 at


sterling silver

It is a perfect complement to a dedicated musician. It can be used for musical occasions or given as a gift to someone you respect. It is made of .925 sterling silver which is coated with rhodium to protect the silver from tarnishing.

$68.00 at


Soap Dude


This is a soap which is made with all the oils that you can easily name, and what’s more instead of water they use Guinness and Oatmeal. To make it even more interesting the scent isn’t some flowery one, but of oatmeal, leather and spicy smoke. It will keep you fresh and your skin healthy.

$ 15.00 at




So, you love your dog, but you also love the original upholstery of your van. No problem, this durable back seat cover will protect your original upholstery and still let your canine friend travel with you in safety and style. Moreover, it is easy to install and clean.

$ 79.99 at


ice chips

It contains all the popular flavors from Ice Chips. This is for a person, who likes candy, but also wants to save his teeth. Made from xylitol, it protects your teeth against a variety of issues and is safe for diabetics as well.

$24.95 at



If you feel unsafe when going out alone in your neighborhood, or are an outdoor person, then this alarm will keep you safe. It emits a high 120DB sound when it is activated and can scare away most animals and humans too.

$27.99 at



If you would like to try zip lining in your backyard, then this is the one the best options in the market. It is easy to set up and runs up to 250 feet. Even more interesting is the fact that it comes with a 10 year Limited Warranty.

$739.95 at


Raised Garden Kit


Are you a gardening fan, who would like to finally try raised gardening – then look no further! This will provide you with all the instructions and materials for making a raised bed. It comes equipped with a watering system and heirloom organic seeds.

$200.00 at

IncinerGrate™ S4000

Fire ease

If you like to go out camping and building up your fires, then this grate is the perfect solution for a well-balanced and controlled fire. It is made from steel bars and has a specific design. It can be easily moved and is made to last.

$54.99 at

Moscow Mule Mug Set of 4 - Hammered Copper

Moscow Mule


These hammered copper mugs still have the hammering detail etched on them. They have not been refined to preserve their natural look and elegant design. At 12 oz capacity, they will help you with drinking in class, or you can give them as a house warming gift.

$ 49.99 at



Sleek is the new fashionable. This sleek wallet has six credit card compartments to hold all your plastic money. But, if you still like to carry some cash, fear not, it will hold that as well. It is a simple blue wallet with some really neat threadwork.

£ 29.99 at

The Original Travel Halo

travel hallo


This patented product will fulfill your portable pillow needs in all your travels. Its design makes resting during travel easier, and the sleeping mask, which can be lowered for use, is a bonus. It will enable you to take a nice nap and reach your destination feeling fresh.

$24.00 at




Although, it is a gift box, we recommend it for personal use as well. It contains a rich mixture of sauces and spices which will bring out the flavors in your food. It will make a perfect gift on a house warming party and will complement most fireside outings.

$64.99 at

EcoloBlue 30 Standard Appliance


Do you live in an area marred by water scarcity, then, this is just the product for you. It will generate up to 30 liters per day of pure drinking water from the atmosphere. It has both hot and cold functions, and features a reverse osmosis filtration system for all your drinking water needs.

$1,299.00 at

It is true that the value of a gift does not lie in its price. The greatest of riches can mean very little, if you have lost someone. So, for all those who do not consider anything less than a diamond a good gift, we advise them to listen to ‘Hurt’ by Johnny Cash – to sober up. And for those who do not like to spend on gifts, we would still suggest the same song. Bye for now.



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