Today, we are joined by Su & Lin,  You can view their portfolio here.

  • Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the interview. We’d like to understand how your interest for illustration started shaping up. Tell us a bit more about what made you go this route!

When I was little my sister would rent animations from Hayao Miyazaki and I would always fantasize myself to be one of the characters in the movies.  We would always study animations that amaze us; try to figure out how the artists make it happen and start trying ourselves.  Then unconsciously we caught ourselves on this career path.

  • Tell us a bit more about how you learned it all. What changed in the last few years in terms of ease of expanding your skills and knowledge?

Most of our learning comes from watching and studying works and concepts that absolutely astonish us and try to apply it to our life experiences.

  • What does your creative process look like?

Sleep, Eat, Bike Ride, Watch Movies.

  • Do you have any recommendations in terms of good books, programs you use, or media choices you’re willing to share with us?

tuts, vimeo, behance, computer arts.

  • Do you have a special place or object that boosts your inspiration and helps your creative drive? What is it like and why does it have this effect on you?

Going out on a bike ride really helps clear my mind for new ideas. There are a lot of hills to climb while I bike up the mountains, it’s really painful and requires a lot of determination. But when I finally reach the top and take a sip of water, I feel satisfied.

  • Could you describe how a productive day would look like from your point of view? Which are the most important hours for you?

As long as the day falls on track with my agenda it’s pretty much considered to be productive.  It’s important to have results that beyond what’s expected.

  • What is your stance on today’s ever growing opportunities enabling artists to take on remote design work?

So far we haven’t had the chance to work on projects from other countries.  If the opportunity ever arises for foreign clients to contact Finger and Toe we would be ecstatic, it means that people from other countries also enjoy our work.

  • What would you prefer: a steady, well paying job in a local agency, or the freedom and often stressful life of a freelancer? Why?

We prefer to work as a freelancer.  Of course the main reason is to have freedom.  We don’t think it’s possible to cultivate “a creative concept” in a steady or safe environment, instead of sitting on a office chair there are many other things to do.  Working at a local agency does have its perks like working on a variety of different projects, learning different techniques, and financial stability but we enjoy exploring the unknown even more.

  • How would you describe “the ideal project”? Did you have any recent opportunities to come close to this?

The ideal project would to have clients come to us because they like our style; so we would be able to  treat our projects as our own art piece and not just a commercial merchandise.  It would be ideal for both the client and us to enjoy our final piece.  Finger and Toe are considered to be fairly lucky, most of the clients come to us because they like our style, even though we don’t really know what’s our style.


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