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Today, we are joined by Ramy Mohamed .he is a Creative Director  You can view his portfolio here.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you are currently doing – give us a brief bio.

I’m Ramy Mohamed an Egyptian Creative Artist worked on many art fields, after graduating from the Faculty of fine Arts as i used to be the first of my department of Theatre Arts, and after that i start working as a graphic Designer for a heavy clients here in Egypt and Overseas like America, France, Nigeria, Kenya, Sudan, KSA, Lebanon, India, Ghana, kuwait and more countries for Nike, Unilever, INSCA, Springfield, Orascom, Lipton, MSC, AUC, GUC, AASTMT, Cortefiel, Anta, Diadora, CIB,AUB, Clear, Fine Foods, Unisco, Axe, Rexona, Dove, and more …
I love my Job and I am sincerely excited and enthusiastic about it and I’m having Satisfaction and Joy through Success and taking a personal control of my ongoing Education.Thinking outside the box and through research, hard work, creativity, experience, cool-headed and creative thinking that’s solving challenges and assess difficult situations and make concise, impactful and versatile decisions that save the day and positively affect the team’s overall performance and lead us through a successful long term Plans to a continuous Growth, Development and Stability.

  • Business owners often pay to have everything taken care of by professionals except their identity mark. Why should a business care about its logo?

The important part on a human body is his face .. so i should advice any businessman that “your Logo is your face” so you should take care of it and pay a professional designer to make your perfect business face (your logo).


  • What constitutes a good identity mark?

A good mark is a simple, clear , Geometric, conceptual, catchy and Anchored so when you choose the right idea, draw a good mark,draw a good font,choose suitable colors and make a good ratio with the right concept you will have a perfect Logo

  • What are some common mistakes which identity designers make?

some of the common mistakes are :
complicated logos
frequent logos
bad ratio
Lack of clarity
bad fonts
bad colors
non-conceptual logos
the more simple and to the point you make your logo, it will be perfect

  • Can you detail the identity design process and how long this usually takes?

First of all i speak to the client and write down his dream on papers then i receive the client’s brief after our meeting too, then i start searching for the market’s top trends and the field of the company and the competitors and many researches about the Identity .. then i make sketches on the first 3 days when my mind start generating ideas and when i pick a perfect idea i begin to draw it on the computer by the Geometric Programs .. then i choose fonts or draw it and choose colors depending on many researches i made before ..then i start working on the full identity after that.

  •  What are common challenges which identity designers encounter?

The big challenges for making a Logo is to create an idea which will live forever on the People’s minds and hearts a mark to be unusual,conceptual,simple and to the point.

  • How do you account for the great disagreement over the quality of identity marks even among identity designers ?

It most be a variety of opinions and marks between designers because  every one has his own mind and thoughts and his own way to execute the idea

  • How much do top identity designers usually charge for a logo and how much is it really worth?

This question make me laugh cause the top charges are beyond Hundred Millions of dollars and actually it doesn’t worth all this money because a professional  designer can make a perfect logo only in one month.

  • In your opinion who are the top five identity companies in the world?

let’s say those are the best agencies on my opinion
Landor associates
Fuse collective
sagmeister and walsh
epic aventuras criativas

  • Can you list a few of the best well known identity marks and what makes them good?

I love those logos

I loved their concept and i think those logos will stand forever on the time face and keep attract us every year and will beat the yearly trends forever.


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