Today, we are joined by Angga Tantama, he is a Freelance Designer . You can view his portfolio here.

  • Firstly, I’d like to thank you for the interview. We’d like to understand how your interest for illustration started shaping up. Tell us a bit more about what made you go this route!

I love drawing since I was child. It started when I loved Dragon Ball (Japan anime) that made me enthusiast to draw every day. Drawing is something that has been part of my live until now. What made me go this route? It’s very simple, because I love it.

  • Tell us a bit more about how you learned it all. What changed in the last few years in terms of ease of expanding your skills and knowledge?

Internet is most important part in my learning process. I always observe and learn others artist’s artwork and I said “how can he made this awesome artwork?” I collected artworks that amazed me and I observe again and over again. It drove me to do the best. In the last few years, websites such as deviantart and behance have been addicting me. I learned and got knowledge from those websites.

  • What does your creative process look like?

We talk about idea; I most often got an idea intuitively than I got an idea on purpose. I usually wrote the idea that I got suddenly.  I always collected every pieces of idea that I got, anything. I believed that ideas will useful next time. After I got the idea, I continued to make the sketch in Photoshop. After that, I did the “coloring process” in adobe illustrator. The part of the process that takes long time is choosing the right color. I can’t stop to change the color until my feeling said “yeah, this is the right color!”

  • Do you have any recommendations in terms of good books, programs you use, or media choices you’re willing to share with us?

Honestly, I seldom read book about design.Haha.. But I read magazine such as Computer Arts always increased my knowledge about design world. I always work in Photoshop and AI. I think AI is the best program to create Vector work.

  • Do you have a special place or object that boosts your inspiration and helps your creative drive? What is it like and why does it have this effect on you?

In front of my computer is the most special place for me. But the quiet condition in my home always make my enthusiasm to work increased.  When I made a work, I feel that I went into other world where there is only me and my work. When I felt that, I didn’t like to disturbed with other problems. So, I think that freedom and comfortable is very important.

  • Could you describe how a productive day would look like from your point of view? Which are the most important hours for you?

A productive day is a day when there’s no problem that made me have to do something that I won’t.  I need freedom very much. When I feel free, I will have free hand to get a crazy idea or just imagined brutally. : D there is no certain hours that important, there is just when my enthusiasm appear. And it can appear at any time.

  • What is your stance on today’s ever growing opportunities enabling artists to take on remote design work?

With the internet, I think that the chance to get work is so wide open.  As long as you maintain your portfolio and always try to improve it, I think the work will come to you.

  • What would you prefer: a steady, well paying job in a local agency, or the freedom and often stressful life of a freelancer? Why?

I choose to be a freelancer. The reason is simple, the feel free. I ever work as an employee but I did it just in a short time. I think being a freelancer made me able to increase the skill whatever i  want. Sometimes i face difficulty in my work, it’s very exciting me. It’s like play an adventure game in Hard Level, and I feel proud because i can passed it.

  • How would you describe “the ideal project”? Did you have any recent opportunities to come close to this?

In my opinion, the ideal project is the project that the execution or the process according to my style and the fee that I got equal to my price. I tried to say “No” to projects that is not in my style for several time latterly. The jobs always come and went, and i always do the best to make better work and i believe that the better work is always come.