Today, we are joined by Andreas Leonidou, he is a Graphic Designer You can view his portfolio here.

  • What was the first typeface you fell in love with?

The first typeface I fell in love is probably a cliche but I love helvetica I even have a helvetica ampersand tattoo on wrist. I really like Din Typeface too.

  • What are some of your proudest projects ever?

Hm thats a tough one because I’m never satisfied with anything but If I have to choose one its probably my Retro Typeface. It was one of my first ever fonts I design and the amount of popularity I gain from it was massive, thanks to the success of my Retro typeface I took type design more seriously and that help me grow a lot as a designer.

  • What do you think of Apple and their approach to design in general? How does their industrial and web design compare to typeface design?

I really love Apple products I think most designers do, Apple did something that no other company ever did, pay attention to details. All their products from iphones to macs are all well crafted, and minimal and they avoid unnecessary things. From hardware to software everything is user friendly and very easy to understand and work with. They basically keep things simple and consistent and thats something all great typeface have too. Even though I design decorative and display fonts I try to do the same.

  • Can you briefly describe what the current process is like for you to create a new typeface and where do you get your inspiration from?

I have a grid notepad and I’ll start sketching in there first I usually start with a couple of letters and if I like they way it looks I continue to work on it. When I feel good about it, I pass it to illustrator and then to a font editor. I get inspired by everything really I was watching a movie and I saw in the background a nice looking sign and I thought It would be great if I could create a typeface similar to that, the result? is my latest typeface called REN.

  • What was one of the most challenging typography problems you have ever had to solve?

The most challenging typography problem is kerning, it simply takes a long time to kern all the letters right, and you always run into issues when testing the fonts. And because I’m a self taught type designer it was difficult for me to learn and be more comfortable with the font editor I’m using.

  • Where are some of the areas where typography is improving and where do we need to see more growth?

Now its very easy for everyone to start design typefaces, with a lot of easy to use font editors out there everyone can do it and thats great because there are a lot of great designed fonts that were design from graphic designers without any specific training in type design and thats a good thing I believe because they bring fresh new ideas to the design world.

  • How do you view the state of typefaces in the mobile world?

I think typefaces in the mobile world is stagnant, we could use more screen friendly typefaces,there is not a big collection of fonts that can provide great legibility. I really like the Droid font family for the Android OS which was designed for use on small screens of mobile handsets

  • Taking into account small sizes, aliasing and browser font rendering engines, which fonts do you think should be used for body text on the web?

I think if a font have a great legibility in small sizes can be used for body text but they need to have at least few weights like italic, bold. I think Gotham, Din are great fonts for that but it all comes to personal preference.

  • What’s the most overrated font in the world?

Definitely Helvetica, I love it, but is so overused in everything it makes me sick. Designers use for anything which is definitely wrong, yes its a great font but there other great fonts out there that can provide something different and more visual attractive options than helvetica.

  • Let’s talk a little about the creative process and how you work. Can you describe your ideal work environment?

All I need is a air conditioned room, a iced cold coffee and great music. When I work I tend to stay away from phones, and social networks I want to be completely concentrated on my work with no distractions.

  • Which typefaces’ styles do you think will be the most popular in the near future and why?

I believe with rise of flat design we are going to see a lot of geometric sans typefaces  they just complete the flat design look and feel.