Today, we are joined by Ata-ur-Rehman, he is a Graphic Designer. You can view his portfolio here.

  • Tell us a little about yourself and what you are currently doing – give us a brief bio.?

Ata-ur-Rehman is an entrepreneur by passion, a digital artist by profession and a writer by choice. Ata is currently running a design company named as “” and also serving a well known confectionary company in Pakistan as Associate Manager creative. Being the founder of Imsimplycreative™, Ata-ur-Rehman leads a graphic designing company consisting of six passionate designers, developers, content writers and marketers who are serving businesses and people around the world. We turn brand identity into designs to WOW our customers and clients. Currently we are developing a digital art book cover for a well known fiction writer which will be published in coming few months.

  • What are the common criticisms of identity design and is there any validity to them?

Commonly, the designs have been criticized on the basis of their concepts. Critiques are valid if the concept doesn’t go with the real identity of the brand. Designers need to understand the real identity of the brand while designing to give such kind of visual effect which represents overall brand and identify of the business with the simplest look on it.

  • Business owners often pay to have everything taken care of by professionals except their identity mark. Why should a business care about its logo?

One of the most critical tasks is to develop the brand identity and logo of the company or business. It represents the overall identity of the brand as it is most prominent factor in every marketing activity whether, above the line, below the line or digital marketing.  A business should care about its logo to communicate the correct message to its target audience.

  • What constitutes a good identity mark?

Milton Glaser, the legendary graphic designer says that a good identity mark needs to be as simple as possible. It must have a capacity to attract the target audience with a simplest look on it. Moreover, it must communicate the real message of the business or a brand, and also reflect on culture and values of the business. The best logo design is the one which clicks the memory on its first sight.

  • What are some common mistakes which identity designers make?

The most common mistake of an identity designer is not communicating properly with the client and business owner. Interpretation of brief  received from the client needs to be accurate to avoid such mistakes. Other mistakes includes using of uneven typography or copying from other logo designs which kills the in depth creativity of the designer.

  • Can you detail the identity design process and how long this usually takes?

Following are the steps of identity designing process:a.
Receiving of brief from client/business ownerb. Discussion and interpretation or debriefing with client. Research on competitors and other business designsd. Brainstorming of idease. Designing a rough sketchf. Preparing for the final designg. Completing the final designh. Feedback from client and changes if required It normally takes 15-30 days depending upon the project requirement and complexity.

  • What are common challenges which identity designers encounter?

The biggest challenge for a designer is to correctly interpret the brief received from the client. It is also important to receive complete freedom of choice while brainstorming of ideas for identity design. Client must only interfere when the final design has been sent for the feedback. The proper communication is the key solution for challenges faced by the designers .

  • How much do top identity designers usually charge for a logo and how much is it really worth?

The charges for a logo design depend on the complexity of the project.  Mostly, it ranges from $800 to $1200 for a normal logo design but it could be more or less depends upon the time limit also.

  • In your opinion who are the top five identity companies in the world?

Following are the top five identity designing companies:

A. Arnell Group

B. Pentagram

C. Wolff Ollins

D. Landor Associates

E. Marque Agency

  • Can you list a few of the best well known identity marks and what makes them good?

Nike: It’s simple General Electric: It is in fact purely ornamental – not
representational of any of conglomerate’s products Nestle: It delivers the real message of the company Apple: It’s authentic IBM: It directly connects with the identity of the computer