Today, we are joined by Jasmine Davies , she is a Graphic Designer. You can view her portfolio here.

  • Tell us about your graphic design career. How did you break into graphic design, and how did you advance to where you are today?

I searched for lots of work experience whilst I was studying for my degree in Graphic Design. It started out as freelance work in my second year, then I contacted a local design agency during the summer and they kept me on part time throughout my final year. For me personally I don’t think you can push work experience enough, it gave me a lot more confidence in my work and you get great advice from people in the industry. You also get to learn how to design on a productive level and master your skills in adobe creative suite. I continued doing freelance work after university, its really good to understand how different companies work when you first start out, now I’m in full time work.

  • What do you enjoy most about your career?

I love making clients happy. I’ve got my own style of design and I love producing personal projects as a way of expressing myself when I get the chance, but I’m not really a selfish designer. Part of the fun of working in the creative industry is being able to share it with others. I love working with people and helping businesses, companies etc to communicate what they need to.

  • What were the biggest inspirations for your career?

I sort of allow myself to draw inspiration from what’s around me, travelling and music helps a lot. For me its about allowing your self to open up to new things, and also embracing your interests to a new level.

  • What are some favourite projects you’ve completed and why?

Electrunique typeface is my favourite, it connects my creative and scientific side.

  • Tell us about your graphic design education. How did you decide to study graphic design?

I’ve always been fairly artistic, I didn’t follow this through at school as both my mum and dad are really creative, I felt I had to go down an academic route. I did Chemistry as my first degree but realised although  liked it, it wasn’t the right thing for me. I grew into understanding you can be successful in a creative subject, this is something I wasn’t really aware of at School. I feel like artistic subjects weren’t pushed enough, we didn’t know what we could do with art but we knew maybe we could be a doctor if we did science.

  • In retrospect, what do you know now that you wish you knew before you pursued your graphic design education?

It’s a hard question, I wish I listened to my lecturers… but with hindsight I did… I just didn’t totally understand what they were saying. I do now. I wish I knew it was going to be a bit of a struggle to break into, but then again I’d probably do it anyway.

  • Based on what you hear in the industry, what do you think are the most respected and prestigious schools, departments or programs? Does graduating from a prestigious school make a difference in landing a good job?

University College London is great. The work I see from the students who study at Falmouth blows my mind, they must be feeding them something really good… this seems to be recognised in the industry. I think graduating from a good school helps… in some cases you will be better connected… I also strongly feel if you work isn’t up to scratch it’ll be recognised either way. Good design schools are good for a reason.

  • How can prospective graphic design students assess their skill and aptitude?

Always carry out lots of research, check out and compare yourself to whoever is out there and doing well, this should be easy to do, I think graphic design is a fairly nosey industry. Also with that advice I wouldn’t get disheartened if someone is doing insanely better than you, just keep at it. Get advice from people, even if you think your at a stage where your work isn’t up to scratch, don’t be afraid to get bad feedback, it’ll be worth it. You can sometimes fall into a trap of taking your work too seriously sometimes.

  • What other advice can you give to prospective students thinking about an education and career in graphic design?

Just be prepared to work in a fast moving environment, you almost haven’t got time to sit back and admire (or dwell) the process of you work. Drawing probably isn’t essential but I think it helps massively, as soon as look back to a computer screen you can sometimes loose your mind on what your trying to achieve. Don’t be worried about making mistakes or take yourself too seriously, every one makes mistakes. It does take time to be amazing, then even then some times it goes wrong.

  • What exactly do you do? What are your key responsibilities?

Now I’m a Junior Designer at Dirty Design in Bristol UK, I help out in lots of areas. From working on initial concepts to art working final designs. All agencies are very different, if its a small agency you get involved in most areas, if its big, and your better at concept work or illustration, that’s the area you’ll probably specialise in.

  • What are the tools of the trade that you use the most?

I love a good scalpel, pencil, compass and a metal ruler. Obviously CSC, I think we’d die without it.

What are the most challenging aspects of your job?


  • What are the hottest specialties within the graphic design field over the next decade?

Specialised typography seems to be really cool, it really makes a design look special, so many of us are use to seeing fonts used over and over.