Today, we are joined by Nguyen Tien Manh, he is a Graphic Designer . You can view his portfolio here.

  •  Tell us a little about yourself and what you are currently doing – give us a brief bio.

My name is Nguyen Tien Manh. You can call me Manh. I’m freelance graphic design and I’m from Vietnam. I love everything about UI/UX, Motion graphics, game design and everything is cute.

  • What are the common criticisms of identity design and is there any validity to them?

Most common criticisms of identity design I receive is: – Follow the rules and stick to the plan I started. So that I will have best look at the design and bring the best value for identity design.

  • Business owners often pay to have everything taken care of by professionals except their identity mark. Why should a business care about its logo?

Business owners need to pay attention on their logo, because logo is company face. Business owners can’t go meet costumers, partners or attend big meetings when their company face looks bad.

  • What constitutes a good identity mark?

It constitutes many things in good identity mark but there are few’s a most important:

 + The value of design ( things are different from others company) +Communication strategy and PR their and good PR for their design and company
 + Brand identity for the company

  •  What are some common mistakes which identity designers make?

Common mistakes identity designers usually make are:

 + Bring strong designer strong personality and forget their costumers and main target of the company.
 + Try too hard to make their design look beautiful, put so many details in design when costumers need simplicity.
  • Can crappy design still provide excellent UX?

Crappy design can’t provide an excellent UX because users see great UI design is a part of UX.


  • What does the future of UX look like in your head?

In my head UX in the future will look like very friendly with users. UX must be very simple, everything will be about users and there won’t be any books teach or users have to think how to use.

  • Can you detail the identity design process and how long this usually takes?

We can describe the process of identity brand design as below:

Step 1: To get necessary information and data of designing from customers by using the questions in discussion
Step 2: Building the mind map table to rearrange the data that received from customer
Step 3: Draft some hand made logo samples, the quantity of drafts according to the agreement with the customers (but 5 drafts is the best). After that customers will choose their favorite solutions (drafts)
Step 4: Edit and make the logo on the computer and give many color solutions and give them to customers to keep on evaluating
Step 5: when customers have approved of logo then we can process other next steps in the identity brand
- Usually, this process takes about 1 month or more belong to the level of designer as well as customer

  • What are common challenges which identity designers encounter?

Common challenges that designers face when making the identity brand :

+ Win ego when designing (go away from the momentum into the second unnecessary or irrelevant to the meaning of the brand)
+ Try to convince partners that our products are the best, and it is all what they need.
  • How much do top identity designers usually charge for a logo and how much is it really worth?

Top designers usually take very high price because to get best design they have to try their best in design without taking a break. And they totally deserve it. It’s hard to give a price for one logo, because it needs a lot of creativity. If costumers like it, will be wonderful. Congratulation, because the price of the logo is super high. If not, the design might not have price.

  • Can you list a few of the best well known identity marks and what makes them good?

Logo formula racing 1 :  F1 – Fomular 1 : it’s a good logo because it gives the feeling to viewers look at number 1 and number 1 used very interesting.

- Logo FedEx : arrow is used negative in E and X. Very wonderful.
- Logo Amazon : With arrow shows from A -Z with meaning amazon many kinds of products.
- Logo toblerone Socola from Sweeden: with bear and mountains together.


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