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Today, we are joined by Rui Ma . She is a Graphic Designer  You can view her portfolio here.

  • What was the first typeface you fell in love with?

Strictly speaking, the first typeface I fell in love with was Neutraface. A very cool typeface which one of my favorite professors–Bruce Ian Meader recommended to me.

  • What are some of your proudest projects ever?

The MeDesign Human Health book is the result of a 10–week project in the Graduate Graphic Design Applications course in the MFA Graphic Design program in the School of Design at Rochester Institute of Technology. We have thirteen first–year graduate students participated in the project. I enjoy the project from brief ideas and sketches to the final solutions in both individual and teamwork way. The book was chosen as a semi–finalist for the 2013 Adobe Design Achievement Award. The other project is the Visual Guidance, which is A Universal Way finding Symbol System for Art Museums. The goal is to guide international visitors by using visual forms. I was inspired by the symbol signs for way finding in International transportation stations. I am expecting the symbol set could be recognized by the public.

  • What was one of the most challenging typography problems you have ever had to solve?

To design a successful project, I am thinking about using a typeface for it that will be appropriate and looks good in different medias. I think that is the challenge.

  • How do you view the state of typefaces in the mobile world?

I think it is changing all the time.

  • Taking into account small sizes, aliasing and browser font rendering engines, which fonts do you think should be used for body text on the web?

The ones are simple, legible, universal and cool. In additional, the fonts should follow the trends of times.

  • Let’s talk a little about the creative process and how you work. Can you describe your ideal work environment?

I would like to get inspiration from details in life and have very standard working process like other designers – Brief ideas – Sketches – Discussions – Final solutions. For the work environment, I always have different work environment for different projects. Of course, it will be great that I have both individual and team work environment.

  • Which typefaces’ styles do you think will be the most popular in the near future and why?

I think the typefaces which are clean, legible and universal will be very popular in the near future, especially the ones work well on digital screens.

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