Today, we are joined by Sara Westermann, she is a Graphic Designer . You can view her portfolio here.

  • What was the first typeface you fell in love with?

The first typeface I fell in love with was Clarendon. Clarendon is very delicate, but at the same time has a very strong appearance with her solid serifs. I see her as a woman dressed as a man. Preferably dressed in black.

  • What are some of your proudest projects ever?

My favorite and proudest project was the work I developed for my first solo show “there is a line”. I had an invitation from The Portuguese Conspiracy, based in London, who tries to disseminate portuguese  culture, music and food. I usually collaborate with them because they love my handmade typographic compositions.

I received the call and I had a month to do it and it was right before summer holidays. I gathered all the messed up ideas that were kept in my mind and standing by for years… And I went on vacation with all my inks, brushes, markers and a full trunk. I ended up by having a very different but fulfilling summer painting and drawing under the heat and magic of Almería desert. All those ideas were brought to life by a single line, which was the start for everything.

  • Can you briefly describe what the current process is like for you to create a new typeface “new handmade typography” and where do you get your inspiration from?

I get inspiration in everything that surrounds me. For some designers there is that first panic of the blank page. I never felt that. When I have a new project in hands my mind drives everywhere and so does my hand.

  • What was one of the most challenging typography problems you have ever had to solve?

The most recent challenge that I had was to develop a new “system” to advertise Casa da Música’s piano concerts through the year. It’s a programmer dedicated to great pianists. After a couple of years using a concept we always try to improve the communication with something fresh but in black & white. In this case I used a big bold black giant fantastic marker resembling piano keys. The essence of these posters lies with the pianist and it’s hand drawn initial juxtaposed in a great dimension.

  • Where are some of the areas where typography is improving and where do we need to see more growth?

I hope to see more growth in all the hand drawing devices we use nowadays. I usually draw typography with markers and brushes because I’m never fully satisfied with the result on digital devices, and I also like to get my hands dirty. Drawing with ink and brushes is always a surprise in what regards to textures and improbable strokes, meaning unexpected results. And I love that.
I have to try the new device that Adobe has been developing for years and was recently released. It’s on my wish list!

  • How do you view the state of typefaces in the mobile world?

I think now there is no excuse for not using good web typography. We now have so many good choices with a great variety of styles and many of them free. With the rise of mobile devices everything changed.

  • What’s the most overrated font in the world?

It only comes to my mind Comic Sans… Whenever I get those “trying to be funny” PowerPoint I immediately erase them. I can only see the font blinking over and over.

  • Let’s talk a little about the creative process and how you work. Can you describe your ideal work environment?

I love new challenges that allow me to explore new printing processes and techniques. I also like to make my own tools, stamps in many different materials and screen prints by direct method (with few resources).

I love working with different mediums, meaning unexpected results. I get an unpredictable outcome of strokes, shapes and textures. I think that I finally got to that stage where I have already “learned the rules” and I love “breaking them”.

  • Which typefaces’ ”typographic styles” do you think will be the most popular in the near future and why?

In the near future I think handmade typography will rule. We are starting to see that already.
Handmade typography allows you to emphasize your ideas and messages and make those memorable. The solutions are endless and each time is a new experience. That is what graphic design is about. Pursuing new emotions, feelings, stories and experiences.
We are surrounded by so many information everyday that we need to be provoked, surprised and have a blast!