Today, we are joined by Volkan Olmez, he is a Graphic Designer . You can view his portfolio here.

  • Who are some of your biggest influences in web design?

There are many names as an influence.Especially it’s possible to see really great designers in design blog. Designs from North Europe are really eye caching for me.

  • What are some of your favorite projects you’ve worked on?

Actually i’m trying to focus on every project in a fun way.Before any project, it’s really nice for me to think about the process and details. But I can easily say favorite projects are generally my personal projects. It’s really nice for me to work without any outsource effect and be able to work %100 independent. Glossary of Design Terms which I published a short time ago is a good example. (

  • What advice would you give to other web designers?

I think the most important thing is making designs for personal and independent projects. Because when you are working for a client it might be hard to use any kind of design language or materials. But you can be really effective and creative while working on independent projects. I always think like i have to design something not only or brands or companies but also for every people in this world. It can be  web design or any other kind of digital work. I think the term of “ Designer” is really comprehensive so it’s always good to think in a global scale.

  • Can you give us a summary of your process?

For me the first stage is understanding the client.For the final stage it’s really important to be collaborate with the client. Because every projects has different needs, so I’m also learning different things with client. After understand what’s our priority the second thing is UX design.This is very important for the long term projects because it has to work fluent. Then UI design takes role and we discuss about the designs with client. After all these we finalize the project with developers.

  • How do you differentiate between UI design & UX design?

Not only clients but also some designers think that UI and UX are same. UX is totally different process. We can say that our experiences in daily life creates UX design. For example think about elevator buttons. If you place up and down buttons side by side, it might be little bit confusing for the people in elevator. Because they have to think about which way is up or down for msec. But if you place up button to up and down button to down, you can see that people won’t try to understand what is up or down.Because it’s kind a nature to push up button to go up.Maybe these milliseconds not so important in elevator but it’s very important for a web page where millions are visiting everyday. (Ex: 1-2 jpg)

  • Can crappy design still provide excellent UX?

You can see amazing designs in internet. It’s almost impossible to see bad stuff in design blogs. Also UX is getting important. Imagine a really good design but a bad UX. I think there is no  point to publish kind a project. Also it’s same for opposite. Let’s say you have really good UX but your design is really bad. It just means sadness for the user.

  • What can we expect to see from you in the future?

I separated my projects into years. Implaning to make at least one personal project every year. They are not only for web but design projects. For example almost for 7 months i’m working on a fashion and leather accessories project. Also there are some upcoming interviews about design and some mobile apps at developing stage. I’m planning to publish them during 2014.


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