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Productivity is something that is sought after by each and every organization working today. Distractions like gadgets, psychological frustration, stress and lack of concentration appear to be haunting our lives more than ever. These distractions not only reduce productivity but also lead us towards failure in the longer run. Employees are always hired keeping in mind professionalism and are evaluated in their probation period using the yardstick of professional productivity. Ultimately if someone wants to succeed or wants to be more productive than others he should be working on his concentration stamina and his ability to grasp minute details along with the avoidance of things which keep on distracting him in his immediate work space. Here are few productive tips from well-known personalities:

Geraldine Markel from Gerimarkel

One tip for productivity: Shut off all technological devices 1 hour before bedtime to improve sliding into slumber and getting a turned night’s sleep.

Mikaela Kiner from UniquelyHR

I spent 15 years in HR before becoming an executive coach and founding UniquelyHR, no-nonsense HR for startups.

My tip is: Block time on your calendar to work on projects and a few hours a week for work time. This gives you time to catch up on all of the unplanned tasks that come your way, so you don’t end up doing them from home at night or over the weekend.

Arianne Zaragoza from Kuorum

The team here likes to use weekly goals that are laid on Google Drive Charts, which is motivation to boost productivity every week.

Dan Moyer Jr. from Closetfactory

My name is Dan Moyer Jr. and I’m the National Director of Social Media for Closet Factory. We’ve been the custom storage solution authority for over 30 years, growing into a national network of franchise locations.

Let’s face it: location is everything. If you’re regularly setting up shop in your bed or your couch, no wonder you’re not getting much done – you have turned areas of rest and relaxation to one of work and focus. Not the best idea.

Similarly, if your home office setting is a dark basement or dank alcove it’s highly unlikely that you’ll be motivated or inspired to work. But you never have to fear, there are always solutions.

Unless you’re super effective at multi-tasking, remove the television and any other multi-media devices that take away your focus. Say goodbye to text messages! It’s a distraction while you’re working. There’s time for that later. For now, work is calling.

If your options are limited in your current space, you could always just rearrange your current layout. Sometimes a simple change or modification could be the answer if your space and budget are limited. Try turning your desk a different direction. The current arrangement could be a deterrent to productivity. Sometimes, little adjustments yield the biggest results.

If you’re able to design a new home office, incorporate a mix of organizational elements like drawer dividers and cubbies. Drawer dividers keep all of your supplies neatly organized and within reach, while cubbies are great for paperwork. You can designate one cubby for ‘To Do’ items, another for ‘To File’, even family-related matters like ‘Kids’ Schoolwork’ and ‘Taxes’.

Victor Clarke from Clarke, Inc

A personal assistant can do a wide range of jobs from taking over your personal organization, to doing routine work on projects such a data entry, which would otherwise swallow up large amounts of your time.

Here are some advantages of hiring a personal assistant:

1) There’s Too Much to Do:

When you first take on a new role, you will often be enthusiastic. You may fall victim to the temptation to take on too many projects. By overstretching yourself you may not be able to devote the necessary time to all of the projects you have taken on without late nights in the office. By taking on a personal assistant you can delegate responsibility for routine work on some of the projects to the new hire as long as you keep overall control of the project.

2) You will be More Focused:

If you are always fighting fires and transferring your energies from one project to another, you may miss the bigger picture. Hiring an assistant can allow you to step back and ask yourself which projects are making money and getting online interest, and which ones your business should scale back on or discontinue.

3) You Will Have More ‘You Time’

Work-life balance is a term that is a foreign language to some employers but it has important benefits. It’s a concept that supports the idea that employees should split their time and energy between work and the other important aspects of their lives. If you make time for family activities or to see your child’s baseball game, you are likely to feel happier and less stressed and resentful in the work the next day. A personal assistant can help maintain work-life balance.

4) You May Make More Money

It seems counterintuitive to think to pay the salary of a personal assistant will boost your bottom line, but if you increase your marketing output the hire could bring your company more money. You don’t have to hire a full-time personal assistant or marketing assistant and there are also many virtual assistant services that you can use.

5) You May be More Organized

Often a personal assistant can have the role of a work nanny. He or she can help organize your calendar, make sure you are briefed for meetings and take the necessary notes. A personal organizer can be vital in ensuring you are efficient in your job, allowing you to hone your marketing skills, rather than getting bogged down in administration.

Hiring a personal assistant won’t always make sense for your marketing mission and it’s vital to hire the right person. However, the right assistant can perform a crucial role in taking your marketing to a new level.

Mallory Grimste from Mallorygrimste

I’m a Licensed Mental Health Therapist from Woodbridge, CT who helps anxious and emotional teens learn how to deal with stress when life gets real.

My one tip for your blog would be to Find Your Squad (or your support group). Finding people who will help motivate, inspire, encourage, and support you through the task is important. I find having someone to check in with helps me with my accountability. If I set an intention, and I know someone else knows, I am much more likely to complete it.

Hopefully, it can be assumed that these tips will be beneficial for lots of people. As the tips contain a variety of suggestions – although all of these are expert opinions – it is better for you to focus on those which you think will help you best. Whichever advice or suggestion you choose, be sure to be consistent with it, only then you will be able to achieve what you want – that is, maximum productivity.



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