Top Productive Tips for Bloggers

Although blogging seems to be easy at first, but to keep a constant stream of quality content coming, can be difficult to maintain. Some would say that blogging is a personal thing and should have only the content which inspires a blogger personally, but professionalism in anything is commendable. Periodically, well written content can captivate your audience and retains your readers over the long term. So, with this in mind, we have put the ultimate question to our fellow bloggers and have compiled their responses in a list of top productivity tips for Bloggers:


Vahishta Mistry from Vahishta

The most helpful tip I could provide is to urge bloggers to learn from professional news media organizations and to schedule a large part of their content. By creating a buffered bank of content that auto-publishes according to a set timetable, you get a lot of free time to pursue special projects that might take more bandwidth. This technique also helps smooth out ‘productivity curves’, in case you’re the sort of person who works in bursts of high productivity followed by periods of low productivity.


Carl Ashfield from Ashfield Marketing

“To stay productive, I like to take time out of the day to search YouTube videos that are related to a topic I work on.

One: it motivates and inspires you.

Two: there can be some good tips in those videos that can help you blog better.

Find bloggers who blog regularly and check back for more tips on productivity.”  


Claudia Cox from Text Weapon

“Writing a valuable 500 word article that references the work of another expert in your domain will create more buzz (and require less work) than writing a 2500 word article blabbing about yourself.”


Rosemary Cheadle from Slimandtrimmeals

“My name is Rosemary and I am a qualified dietitian and blogger. And I would say that one of the most important tips to keeping productive is keeping your energy levels and concentration high!

The two most important things to keep your mind sharp and working at its best is to stay re-hydrated and your blood sugars stable.

Try to avoid high caffeine and sugar filled drinks because they nearly always bring your energy levels down after the initial boost. Keep a bottle of water on your table and sip on it throughout the day. If you want to spice up your water add some of your favorite fruit to it.

To keep your blood sugar in a good range for concentration, have small snacks throughout the day and pack a good lunch. Snack on foods such as nuts or seeds, fruits, plain yogurt and even cut vegetables like carrot sticks.”


Spencer X Smith from

“My top productivity tip for bloggers – repurpose content, but not in the way you might think.

To reach the most broad audience possible, turn your blog content into a script. Use this script to create slideshows, video, and audio versions of your content. This way, visitors can “digest” your story in a way preferable to them. More versions of your story also give you more opportunity to share your content on social media, and will reach a greater variety of people.”


Katie Fang (CEO & Founder) from SchooLinks

Bloggers should definitely research other organizations, startups, websites, etc. that share the same target audience. Then they can offer to write a guest blog for them for free, in exchange for including a website back link, bio, picture, and other basic information about themselves. Many startups, like ours, have a small team, so we always welcome guest blogs because it’s a win-win. We get new and fresh content while the bloggers receive a back link and exposure, all for free.


Stuart Edwards from

“Regarding SEO, if you want to rank highly in Google for a specific destination or topic you’re blogging about, make sure to do LOADS of keyword research before you even start to write anything!

Use the Google Keyword Tool and look for how much competition your keywords have. Does your topic have search volume? If not, you might be wasting your time.”


Ross Simmonds from Rossimmonds

*Productivity Tip One: Create Your Framework First*

A lot of bloggers make the mistake of heading to their blank canvas and writing their post from start to finish with multiple gaps in between. The reason for these gaps is that they don’t take the time to plan their blog posts at the start. Instead of simply writing the post in one swoop – Create a framework with a few key points around what you want to cover and when you want to cover them. Include a few links that you’re planning to reference as well so you’re not digging and hunting mid-way through your writing.

*Productivity Tip Two: Leverage Tech For Inspiration*

We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to find inspiration. I recommend that bloggers capitalize on tools like or to find inspiration from other bloggers who have created quality content. Take inspiration from their titles to guide the next title for your own blog post to ensure its click friendly.

Hopefully, implementing the core lessons from these will help you guys out. The beauty of asking the opinion of different people is the range of responses that you get. Each person has his unique perspective. All of these can then be taken and used together to generate the maximum synergies. So keep getting inspired and producing quality work; for what is content without quality.



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