In the modern technological world, everyone is accustomed to electronic gadgets and other appliances that life without all these things seems utterly horrific. Most people don’t even know the complete features of gadgets they use because they limit themselves to the use of features which they require most. Technological advancement has gone beyond man’s imagination that sometimes it is impossible to comprehend new electronic things. For these purposes, man needs a guide which can prove itself useful. Here is a list of tech blogs that will help you develop your understanding about the latest features of technological advancement and will keep you up to date.

EIT Web Guru

This blog covers various fields of technology and internet – OS issues, gadgets, search engine optimization and social media marketing. It also provides solutions to many issues regarding windows. It also keeps you updated with the latest events and developments of social media. The purpose of the blog is to provide a solution for different technical issues in simple terms.


This blog is a personal project which provides the blogger with sufficient space to try new technologies. The blogger finds this blog as a medium to express his thoughts through words or through the language of codes. This is not simply a blog, this is Mike’s home.

The Konsult Hub

It is a tech blog that provides you with tutorials, guides and other sorts of tricks. In the expanding features of technology, this blog offers quality and objective reviews to educate the reader with the understanding and the consequent selection of any product. This blog also helps you with general knowledge, internet marketing and online and offline promotion. For those who are seeking opinions about the promotion in their respective departments, this blog offers freelancing clues, career opportunities, and other employment ideas.

The PC Repair Shop

As the name suggests, the blog features many articles regarding PCs. There are articles about virtual reality, designing, PC software, internet performance, windows tips, and much more. The blog features popular articles’ category, Editor’s pick category, Latest hardware, and Latest Posts.


The blog is run by Saif Hassan who is a web designer. The main topics of the posts are photography, psychology, science, movies, and life. The main categories are Domain Hosting, Computing, Infographic, Microsoft, Technology, Featured, and much more. There are popular posts as well as many trending articles.

Tech 4G

The blog offers latest news of technology, reviews of different products as well as software updates. It features a long list of topics such as Broadcast Transmission, Communication, Data Recovery, Environmental Solutions, Gadget Reviews, Hardware, Facts, Nanotechnology, and much more. The blog also features archives where you can get posts in the form of months.


The blog offers different services like Project Management, HR & Payroll, Accounting, CMS & E-Commerce, and Reporting. All these main categories are further sub-categorized and offer you different options. There is a subscription bar on the top of the homepage. You can also find Recent Posts, Recent Comments, and Archives in the Menu option.


The blog features different articles regarding Fire Security, Access Control, Intruder Alarms, Networking and Computing, Door Entry Systems, and maintenance. You can find much useful information regarding CCTV Systems, and Alarm Safety Systems.

Android Geeks

The four main categories of the blog are News, Update, Root, and How To. The blog educates you about each and everything regarding Android devices. T offers many articles about Acer, Blackberry, HTC, LG, Nokia, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, and many other devices.

In Love with Android

It is the friendliest site on the web that tells you everything about the Android operating system and apps. It has distinct categories of “Android Games” and “Android Apps”. Both these categories are sub-categorized into free games, Best games, free apps, and Best apps. There are Recent Articles as well as a search bar where you can search the desired content.

The Pocket Tech

The main categories of the blog are News, Apps, Games, Wallpapers, Videos, Phone Comparisons, Firmware News, Rumors, and Leaks etc. There are other categories like Windows 10, Windows Phone, Android, Unboxing, and Accessories. At the bottom of the homepage, there are recent posts as well.


The blog features distinguished categories like SEO, Tech, Blogging, Web Design, Social, and Business. The blog also features some interesting videos like “Play Android Games on PC”. There are multiple articles about Finance, Management, Debt, and Social Media. You can find the search bar on the top left corner.


The main categories of the blog are Blogging, Gaming, Graphic Design, Mobile Apps, Search Engines, Social Media, Software, Web Browser, and Web Development. The blog also features a distinct category of WordPress. There are many general articles about stress, and other particular ones like Finance Books, and PayPal.

Mana Blog for All

The blog features varied articles regarding communication skills, proverbs, Diwali, Mobile, and networks. The blog also features Android apps, and share markets. You can subscribe via email.

Prime Inspiration

The blog features different articles regarding Apple, Gadgets, PC & Linux, Tech, Gaming, and other miscellaneous things. There are also interesting articles about home security systems, security of bank accounts, and video compression techniques etc. you can also get the daily newsletter by subscribing via email.


The blog features articles, How-to guides, popular topics – Google, Android, Facebook, Apple – and Blogging tips. The editor’s pick articles are worth reading. There are also many trending articles as well as Recent Interactions. You can follow the blog on Facebook.

Geek Super

The blog features different categories like Apple, Apps, Tech, Download, Games, Tech, Mobiles, Blogging and other Social media networks. There are different articles about the latest technology like VR, about data recovery and much more. There is a search bar on the top which allows you to search content easily.

Tech Crates

The blog has a vast amount of categories like Business, Cloud, Computers, Gadgets, Internet, Reviews, Security, SEO, Social media and much more. There are recent posts as well as the most viewed posts. There is a search bar on the top right corner.

Gadget Rumors

The main categories of the blog are Gadgets, News, Coupon & Deals, Android Phones, Xiaomi Smartphones. The blog offers you detailed information about smartphones, cameras, and reviews of different gadgets. There are much more categories which you can find f you scroll down the homepage. You can also subscribe via email.


There are as much as twenty different categories on the blog like Browser Trends, Emerging technologies, Internet Security, Mobile web, Operating system, Search Technology and much more. There are blog archives as well. You can also access the trending posts. The search bar allows you to search content easily.

Trio Tips

The main categories of the blog are Broadband, Camera, Cell phone, Database, Finance, Internet, JavaScript, and much more. There are also different topics like Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Nokia and Samsung etc. There are Recent Posts and a search bar to easily access the articles.

The Sociable

There are many interesting articles on the blog regarding artificial intelligence, politics, and business. There are also latest stories, popular articles, and trending news. The blog gives you detailed information regarding NASA, Microsoft, YouTube, Android, Twitter, and Facebook.

IT Article

The blog offers you quality articles regarding Mobile phones, Computers, Applications, Tablets, Gadgets, Softwares, and business. The user interface of the blog is outstanding. There are also two distinct categories of “Trending now” and “Most popular” articles. You can also learn much about designing and programming on this blog.

Teck Review

The blog features different categories like Mobiles, Camera, Tablets, Technology, Tools, Games, and Social Media. There are comments, topics as well as tags to access the desired content. You can also access recent posts and a search bar on the right corner. You will find many interesting news regarding technology on this blog.


The blog is very simple in presentation but offers outstanding content. There are different articles regarding gadget reviews, broadband, productivity, downloading and much more. There is a search bar on the top right corner, and a category bar at the top left corner. The main categories are Android Apps, Cool Tricks, Gadget Review, Quora Stuff, Infographic, and Free Deal.

Mobile Industry Review

It is an outstanding blog with beautiful content. The main categories of the blog are Applications, Devices, Mobile gaming, News, Operations, Opinion, Product Review and Services. There are many recommended services as well as many popular and latest articles. You can search your desired content or subscribe via email.


The blog features three main categories: Aadya, Photos, and Tech Droid. The other categories are Personal and Experience. You can also find archives as well as recent comments. There are also some series articles like First Date part 1, and First Date part 2.

Tech 2 Gadget

The main categories of the blog are Mobile, Tattoo, Web Designing, Tips & Tricks, Gadgets, and Games. There is a search bar on the top right. You can also see Mo0st Liked stories. Each main category is subdivided into other categories – like Tattoo category is further divided into arm, hand, chest, and leg tattoos etc.

Gizmophone Technology & Gaming

The blog features articles regarding Computers, Gadgets, Games, General, Mobile phones, Audio and Broadband etc. Most Popular posts are present on the right side along with the search bar. The blog also features articles about plasma, HD, and Wi-Fi.

Tech Snobs

The blog gives you solutions individually as well as for your team if you are working in a team. Different services that this blog offers you are Mobile Technology and Security, Project Management and IT governance, Cloud-based Productivity Applications etc. the blog also offers you careers.


The blog offers many services like Internet Marketing, Web Design, Transcription and Management, Software development and outsource. You can also see the latest news in the right corner. Accessibility, Usability, Functionality and Visibility of the team are all mentioned on the blog.

Deblocare iPhone

The blog offers many categories – Android, Computers, Gadgets, iPhone Apps, Mobile Apps, Smartphones, Software & Games, and Technology. Each category contains a vast number of articles. You can access archives as well as you can search in the search bar.


The blog teaches you all about headphones. The blog features outstanding articles regarding latest headphones and it also offers you guides how to purchase best headphones. There are also amazing headphone deals available on the blog. You can also subscribe via email to win a headphone.

Silkenhut’s World

The blog features game reviews, gadgets, and many random opinions. There are recent posts on the right and a search bar with which you can access area of your own interest. There are also different categories like blogging, cars, events, finance, gadgets, SEO, Internet, Movies and Opinion etc.

The Tech Squash

There are no specific categories on the blog, but the articles are interesting as well as revealing. There are articles regarding Television industry, Webcams, Home theater system, online auctions and security of your business etc. You can get the latest posts by subscribing via email.

Tech at Last

The blog features Business, editorials, science and technology, social media, and web & app development etc. There is a search bar on the top right corner. There are other articles about discoveries, designs & inventions. You can get a newsletter of this blog by signing up.

Tech 2 Touch

The blog features News, Reviews, Excel tips and How-to guides. Each article is described and analyzed with multiple perspectives giving you an idea about the pros and cons of the same topic. You will find Recent Posts as you scroll down the page. The Categories option at the last of homepage gives you a diverse and wide range of topics to choose from.

IPod Republic

The blog offers quality reviews regarding latest products, headphones, and AirPlay speakers etc. There are featured posts which include articles about Black Friday, Amazon deals, and many other things. You can get best guides about any Apple product on this blog.

One Degree

The blog is very simple in presentation but outstanding in content. The blog features different articles regarding news and infographics. The names of featured contributors, featured topics and related sites, all are mentioned on the homepage. The infographic articles like “Game of Thrones in Marketing Style” are really unique.


The blog covers different themes of technology. It features reviews as well as many informative articles. On the right side, there are Popular Posts. The blog also features different categories like Tips and Tricks, Tech Updates, and Web development etc.

My Book Of Knowledge

The main categories of the blog are Mobile, Gamers, Windows, Facebook, Hacking, How-to, Downloads, and Miscellaneous. In the Mobile category, the blog features information regarding both Apple and Android mobiles. The blog also features archives and popular posts. You can get latest updates by subscribing through email.


The blog offers best IT services regarding UI/UX Design, Mobile Application Development, Web Application Development, and Internet Marketing. The blog has already delivered many outstanding projects. The blog offers you quality services and you can hire developers and designers on this blog.

Hacker 9

The blog offers the latest information about social media, hacking, security, and other news regarding information security. The paramount purpose of the blog is to unshackle all the myths about hacking and scams. There are many interesting articles like the one “10 Unique Drone Innovations that will instantly turn you into a Drone Enthusiast” which forces you to fall in love with this blog instantly.

Tech Blazes

The blog is run by two persons – Rudy Bojorquez and Naser Mohd Baig. The blog offers you a variety of articles regarding apps and games, smart phones, technology updates, mobiles, tablets, and operating systems etc. It also offers you quality reviews on multiple topics. Every article is marked with tags so that if you like any article, you can instantly access similar articles in moments.

Stack the Chips

The blog is about Credit, Saving, Spending, Debt, Shopping, and Business etc. The presentation of the blog is outstanding. It covers many areas like Real Estate, Personal Loans, and Retirement investments etc. You can subscribe to this blog via email.

Loser Engineer

The blog features multiple topics like Android, Apple, Blogging, C-Programming, C++, and Computing. All these topics offer a variety of distinguished articles which will develop your understanding. There is also a distinct category of popular posts which contains articles regarding tips and tricks as well as many informative articles. The overall setting of the blog and graphics are brilliant.

Ithe Doctor

The main categories of the blog are Gaming, Innovation, Smartphones, Photography, and lifestyle. The blog also offers phone and gadget reviews. The articles regarding Future Technology are compelling and revealing and tell you a lot about the upcoming technology. You can also see recent and popular posts.

Tech 21 Century

The blog offers you information regarding network administration, computer security, software testing and penetration testing etc. You will find all possible information related to IT and technology here. While the blog gives you general information about technology, it is more focused on data networking, security of networks and administration.

QR Code Press

The blog features the latest news regarding mobiles and the apps that we use in mobiles. There are different categories like featured articles, latest articles, and popular articles. There are different categories gadgets, mobile commerce, and QR Codes etc. A distinct category of Pages offers information regarding NFC Technology and much more.


This blog provides software and gadgets reviews and also offers many articles on the vast amount of topics like windows, laptops, computers, gadgets, automation and much more. The blog also provides details regarding operating systems, apps, utilities and other software. You will also have access to information regarding latest technology news, latest releases, and latest announcements. You can also find hundreds of product reviews, guides, and tutorials on this blog.

Data Base Star

The blog offers helpful resources, software developing tips, archives and much inspiring as well as helpful articles. You can see recent posts on the right corner or you can make use of search menu to search things of your choice. All the Oracle SQL articles are described with the help of examples.

Hacking Pages

The blog provides you with all the essentials and data about hacking. The different categories are Internet security, Web hacks, Cell phone hacks and hacking basics. The search bar enables you to search whatever you want instantly. You can follow this blog on Twitter or Facebook or you can just subscribe via email.

Tech Savvy Diary

The blog has two distinct categories of Apple and Google – the former gives you information from apple apps to the latest jailbreaks while the latter gives you information about androids, blackberry, and other gadgets. The blog also provides unique wireless ISP solutions and you can learn many techniques like CCNA, MCITP, and Troubleshooting etc.

Hack a Trick

The blog features latest tips and tricks, security, networking, technology news and much more. The main aim of the blog is to provide the viewers with quality and unbiased reviews. This blog helps users of technology in their understanding about the changing patterns of modern society which is solely because of technology.

Wireless Wednesday Live

This blog covers world’s technology and gadget news on Wednesday and every other day. It is run by Rick Limpert who published more than 3000 articles on Rick is now bringing all that information and much more on a new platform and that is “Wireless Wednesday Live”.

I Pitch

It is a blog that connects and educates different Australian entrepreneurs to start and grow their business. This blog is for starters, early stage investors, business advisors and for incubators. The blog makes sure that the viewers get a quality education about entrepreneurship. You can subscribe via email.

Law Macs

The blog features web design, blogging, online marketing, SEO and social media tips. The blog contains more than 700 articles which can be helpful to those who want to start a new business or those who already have websites and want to improve them. The blog recently allowed guest post submissions.

Tech Magz

The blog offers you information about latest technology news around the world and many other topics. It gives you news about many hot topics regarding technology and different trending news. The blog has multiple categories like Gadgets, Tuts, Software and CMS etc.

Voice of Dingchao

The blog provides information about different products, latest news, and caters the needs of those persons who want up to date information. It also provides quality reviews of different latest products with detailed information as well as videos. There are multiple tags available on the right side.

Tonys Photos

It is a photography blog and the blogger has published many photos in international press including UK, France, and Australia. The blogger is actually from Bicester, Oxfordshire and loves taking photographs of landscapes, wildlife, and plants both in local areas as well as in Europe and Africa. The blog also provides links where you can buy blogger’s photographs.

Science Prog

This blog is run by Mindaugas, who is an electronics and biomedical engineer. The blog offers you an insight into many useful projects. There are multiple categories available – from programming to ultra-science. The blog also features archives, top posts, and tags. You can get a subscription via e-mail.

Geek Flare

The blog was established in 2014 and is about web security, tools, and infrastructure. It offers many solutions, installation guides, configuration, and optimization. The main aim of the blogger – Chandan Kumar – is to help people in the world of web infrastructure.


Camcloud is easy to use, open and cost effective and is built for small businesses and homeowners who do not want to indulge in complicated processes. The blog offers video surveillance to those who aren’t security pros and it also covers Home Automation trends and includes many IP Camera reviews.