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There is always some hankering and yearning in travelers to delve into craving of exploration of different parts of the world. But the man is always with his limitations – he is not omnipotent – and there are few reservations like which places should be chosen preferably. The final selection of places to visit is always made by doing some online research and reading some blogs, but the authenticity of online information and the subjective experiences of any blogger are questionable. It is possible that the experiences shared by any blogger will not match with what the visitor will actually experience, and there always remains some regret that if the visitor had known about the scam bloggers beforehand he wouldn’t have visited that specific location in the first place. Finding those bloggers who have actually visited different parts of the world and whose shared experiences are near to scientific objectivity, it will take years. For those who love to travel here is a list of quality blogs which will not only help you in your selection of choices but will also provide you with authenticated experiences.

Le Touriste

This blog is run by Monica Baros and the homepage is filled with lots of articles about Brazil and Rio de Janeiro. But the blog is not limited to these articles only; it provides a variety of articles about Africa, Asia, America, and Europe. The categories are listed on the top of the homepage and the blog also provides some information regarding luxury hotels and Gourmet foods. There are excellent reviews about the award-winning restaurants and different country houses. Food is not an exception; there are some articles which deal with the choices of food and others which deal with some specific food which is the specialty of any particular area.

Live Life Adventurously

This blog is run by Emma who is an international affairs’ student. She has the distinguished charm as she gets pleasure from trips across the world and it is evident in her quote in which she mentions you can buy tickets with money – thus happiness. The blog is more like a personal diary which is open to all; many posts are not travel related rather some domesticated personal experience like a birthday or how Emma managed three jobs per week. There are also many guest posts which are varied in content. Few articles suggest that Emma is insinuating her views like “international affairs: the major you need to consider” – since she herself is an international affairs student. This blog is more like a socializing website rather than being limited to travel articles.

Trip Coaching

It is an outstanding blog with stunning graphics. It provides you the best possible suggestions if you want to visit any corner of the world. He blog offers you Trip Planning, Points, and Miles coaching, and Flight Deals etc. All the popular destinations are mentioned along with the stunning Instagram photos.

Lenise Calleja

The blog features excellent slideshow on the homepage which has stunning photography in HD resolution. The Gallery offers photography regarding Travel, Food, People and wildlife. The blog is run by Lenise who is a Malta-based photographer. The blog also features world map and many stunning photos.

She Goes Global

It is an outstanding travel blog which features Personal Stories, Destinations, Travel tips, Resources and Reviews. There are different articles regarding social media, fitness & travel, solo travel. There are also many general articles like “One Year around the Globe”, and other specific ones about Budapest, and Bratislava etc. All the articles feature beautiful pictures as well.


The blog offers you to build create or arrange events on the itinerary. Travefy also has a database of millions of hotels, flights, restaurants, cruises and other landmarks. If you are a travel professional, this blog offers you perfect tools for traveling.

Lovely Planetz

The setting of the blog is outstanding and it features many categories like Foods, Success stories, Countries, and Host Network etc. There are many interesting articles about foods, especially vegetarian Indian food. The images of the foods featured in articles are mouthwatering. You can like the blog’s page on Facebook.

This is Trouble

This blog is run by Kyle, who can help people if they want to travel anywhere; if they want to make money online, if they want to free themselves from the corporate shackles, or if they want to build relationships with good women. Generally, Kyle, on this blog, teaches you to be more attractive and confident man.

Vital Transport

The blog is made specifically to solve different travel issues caused by road blocks and other complications. The blog also offers detailed analysis and solutions of Group travel, City stays, Luxury travel, Visa advice, budget travel and much more. He blog is totally adaptable to your needs.

Hawaiian Brian

The blog features multiple destinations – USA and abroad. The articles are about multiple destinations – Alaska, Paris, Rome, India, and Hawaii etc. There are featured articles that are very interesting. There are also social media extensions of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can get a newsletter by subscribing via email.

Travel Random Notes

It is a beautiful blog withy many insightful articles regarding Europe, America, and Africa. There is a search bar on the right side and the files are also categorized by monthly archives. Social media extensions of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are also added to the blog.

No Limits to Perfection

This blog is run by Lise Kapris who is a perfectionist. The blog is about fashion, tips about beauty, traveling, true love and motherhood. All the posts are in Russian as well as in the English Language. There are four main categories: fashion, beauty, personal and travel. The Personal category features family tips as well as Kapris’ own thoughts. There are multiple articles, few of which are single while others are part of a series. You can also share these articles on more than hundred social media websites, the extensions of which are also provided.

Backpacking with the Bonds

The blog features excellent articles regarding exploration of the world. The blog also offers destination guides and personal travel planning service. If you scroll down, you will find many categories at the end of the homepage. You can also subscribe via email.

Mich and Gabi

His blog is run by Mich and Gabi who go on worldwide adventures by finding ways to adjust in a modest budget. There are different categories in the blog like Adventure Planning, Destination Guides, Inspiration, and Road Fit. On the right side, there is a search bar. Pinned Instagram photos are very compelling.

Travels with Tam

The blog offers experiences of many adventures like Travel Adventures and Dive Adventures. You can find the “categories” option on the right side, where you can choose from multiple categories like Divine Adventures, Citizen Science, Empowering Women and the volunteer tourism etc. You can search the desired content on the blog and you can also subscribe via email.

An Introvert Explorer

The name sounds contradictory, but this introvert explorer is now really off exploring the entire world. You can see the articles like Exploring Japan, Exploring China, Exploring South Africa, and Exploring the United Kingdom which will show you that the blogger has already visited many beautiful and important countries. The blog also features some general articles about street food and media. You can follow him @introexplorer

Petite in Paris

The blog is about fashion styles and about latest fashion trends. There are many articles which offer you unique combinations and unique styles. The blog also features shopping and you can buy directly from this blog, many quality fashion items. You can follow the blog on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

Italian Ambassador

This blog is run by Romée van Klavere and contains articles about different cities and regions of Italy, culture, gastronomy and other fine tips. You can also find many articles about accommodation in Italy and different recipes. You can follow this blog by getting a subscription via email.

Travel Live Learn

This blog is run by Sarah and Cooper who share experiences of their traveling on the blog. There is another category “Live and Learn” which is subcategorized in Inspire, Digital, Media, and fun; all of these present amusing and insightful articles. You can subscribe via email. If you are willing to work with the blog you can find out all on the front page of the blog.

Luna and Soul

This blog is run by Luna who is a Vietnamese student based in Munich. The blog is about Luna’s passion for food, travel, lifestyle and beauty. The blog serves as space where Luna shares her experiences, discovered places, and inspirations with the rest of the world. The blog has three different categories – travel, beauty, and lifestyle. Most articles are regarding Asian countries.

Victoria’s Xcape

This blog is run by Victoria who has true wanderlust in her heart. The blog offers beautiful reviews about food, hotels, nightlife and excursions. The gallery offers you many charming photos of different destinations like Mexico, New York, and Thailand etc. The blog also offers you travel diary which contains comments on different destinations.

Barcelona Inspira

The blog is run by Ana Maria Barcelona that features her life in Barcelona, the events she attends in the city and walks. The blog has three categories – gastronomy, lifestyle, and cities. Ana prefers simplicity and according to her there is no need to go to expensive restaurants, for her, simple is always better.

Female Traveler

This blog is categorized in the form of different destinations – Africa, America, Asia, and Europe – as well as in terms of general topics like Travel, Beauty, and Books. The articles are general as well as inspiring like “10 Quotes That Will Inspire You to Follow Your Dreams”. You can visit and follow this blog on many social media services.

Australia Unwrapped

This blog is an amalgamation of many things – stories, politics, photography, technology, and finance etc. the blog also features health and fitness. If you want to discover Australia to the core then there is nothing better than this blog because it unwraps Australia before you in many possible ways, so that you are able to discover Australia with multiple perspectives.

Bryannah Travels

This blog is run by Bryannah who is a new traveler and urban culture enthusiast. There are two distinct categories – photos and blog. The photo category offers some of the finest photos ever captured while the blog category is full of interesting and outstanding articles.

The Spindrifters

The blog offers reviews as well as recommendations about different places. The blog is run by Charlotte and Josh who abandoned London life to visit the world. There are many photos and videos available on the blog which will give you insights about the experiences of traveling the world.

Luxury News Online

This blog is run by James and has two main categories – luxury lifestyle and press releases. In the Luxury Lifestyle category, you can have access to different luxury tools like supercars, jets, jewelry, watches, and yachts etc. The blog also contains lists of Gentlemen of Luxury and Ladies of Luxury. The blog provides you with the latest trends of luxury, luxury event reporting and tips on luxury destinations.

Adventures of Sheen

This blog is run by Roisin who is a big fan of traveling and other things like cartoons and cheap cigarettes. The main category of the blog “Destinations” is sub-categorized in three continents – Asia, Europe, and South America. The blog also has archive section and a list of recent tweets. The list of articles contains multiple places like Japan and Burma etc.

Passports and Grub

This blog is run by Tomiko Harvey who loves traveling, eating food with her friends and talking to them. This blog is specifically dedicated to those people who aren’t living according to their own desires and think that it’s too late to change, or to travel, or to learn a new language. Harvey shares her love of food, wine and traveling on this blog with the rest of the world. In short, this blog is an attempt to persuade you to live your life according to your dreams.

Tiny Presence

It is a lifestyle blog and full of beautiful articles about exploration, styles, and edibles. The blog has an artistic touch and the arrangement of articles is so beautiful which the addition of profound pictures even increase further. At the last of the homepage, you can find two categories: recent posts and top posts. You can also get a subscription via email.

Mr. Ofi

This blog is about knowledge, style, fitness, adventures and other worldly things. The best thing about the blog is that it has knowledge pursuits. The blogger clearly distinguishes between style and fashion and informs us about other factors in our choice of materials, like it should be cruelty-free in terms of the environment, animals or human beings. Fitness is another concern of this blog which gives you suggestions about healthy food.

Juergen R. Schreiter

This blog is run by Juergen R. Schreiter who is an entrepreneur, photographer, and global traveler. This blog has some business, as well as art and travel implications. There are five distinct categories – business, experience, sports, travel, and arts. The arrangement of content on the blog seems rather poor as if things are scattered on the homepage. At first, you need to think what it is all about. You can also access many videos and Instagram photos. There is a little square in the middle-left where you can access the latest posts.


This blog is run by Helena and Laura and is more about outfits, fashion trends, lifestyle and beauty than traveling; though traveling constitutes a significant part. The blog also provides the feature of online shopping. The travel category includes three destinations: Asia, Europe, and North America. There is also a search option available on the right and you can also subscribe via e-mail.

She Tourist

This blog is run by Irene Splendorini who is an actress and also a blogger. She previously worked as a translator and interpreter. There are no specific categories and the blog contains all the articles on the homepage. The articles are about different places like Rome and Berlin and others are about personal advice like how to overcome a traumatic reentry. Other articles include the things learned in Russia and Japan.

Pinay Travel Junkie

This blog is run by Miriel Emami who focuses on the promotion of Philippine tourism in order to promote Philippine’s culture. She also introduces Philippine’s culture overseas in her travels abroad. The blog features many articles about hotel reviews, food, events and festivals etc. you can search any post or view a random one.

Explorations of Self

Unlike other blogs which offer different articles about the exploration of different places, this blog primarily focuses on the transformation of the self by traveling. It also features holistic practices and self-exploration through yoga. It is the goal of this blog that you conspire with the universe and get the ultimate benefit of self-transformation by exploring exotic and beautiful places.

Cloud 9 Miles

This blog is run by Himanshu and Shree. Himanshu believe on the extempore and spontaneous travels while Shree being an astrologist loves photography and communion with nature. According to Shree, the best gift given to us by the god is our skin and that is why a separate category of ‘look book” is added which shows how we should change our attire according to the place we are visiting. The philosophy of both bloggers is “discover yourself through the journey of life”. There are multiple categories like adventure extravaganza, exclusive and guest blogs etc.


The purpose of this blog is documenting the adventures, sharing the experiences and inspiring others to do the same by traveling and enjoying. The locations are diverse like Texas, Arizona, and Washington. You can also access categories and archives – categories contain names of cities while archives contain a list of months. You can also subscribe via e-mail.


This blog is run by Elisa and Luca whose greatest passion is traveling and photography. The blog features multiple categories – the continents each with a separate category, curiosity, and photography etc. There are other categories like the photo gallery and guest posts. You can follow the blog on Twitter.


It is a blog run by Esther Mok who moves around the world to marvel at the wonders of the world and not to show off. There is a serene picture at the front page which clearly shows the blogger’s passion for such places. There are two distinct categories of the blog; travel and the personal fashion style of Esther. The connectivity option is also available on the blog which can easily connect you to Esther. It seems Esther likes to keep her travel life and personal life separate by keeping two different profiles of Instagram, one being travel Instagram and other personal Instagram. There are also some embed videos and tweets at the end of the blog.

Travel with Liya

This blog is run by Liya – a gypsy soul. Liya is a budget traveler and a gypsy soul. According to her, she was born to roam around the world and she hopes to compile her own diary of traveling one day. The places that she writes about are distinctive like the lost city of Angkor Wat in Cambodia. The images are also beautiful and eloquent. Email subscription is also available.

April Perez

This blog is run by April Perez who is from the Philippines. She finds writing an effective medium to overcome frustration. On this blog, April writes mostly about her food and travel adventures. On the side, she also likes to share her insights on skin care, beauty products, and shopping!

Visa Para Viajar

This is one of the most beautifully organized blogs; you will fall in love with it. It offers three different categories – travel, life, and culture. This blog is run by Carmen Lopez who is from El Salvador. Her interests are history, culture, religion and geography. The articles are culturally and anthropologically rich; many comparative articles are heart touching like “The Difference between Travel and Pilgrimage”. There are also many suggestive articles about different situations like when you forget to pack something and many tricky articles like how to not be a tourist scammed. Carmen has visited many culturally rich places like Rome and Mexico because of her interest in cultures, and the way she conveys her experience to us is also heart touching because of the written content as well as the taken pictures.

Habibi Lifestyle

This blog is run by Safeera who is a journalism graduate and has a strong inclination towards scriptophobia. This blog is an endeavor to shed some light on all aspects of Asian life. The blog is categorized in articles about fashions, opinion, life, and travel etc. The articles posted show strong bent towards political and social aspects. The blog covers a diversity of topics like Brexit, Formula 1 racing, and Ramadan. The blog is also approved by e-tailPR. The ultimate aim of the blogger is to put before us – through social issues or by celebrating the works of others – each and everything about Asian female. Travelling, reading, and writing are three well-maintained aspects of Safeera’s life and she also maintains this on her blog. Above all, Habibi Lifestyle is a platform for Safeera to put forward her ideas.

Journey Era

This blog is run by Jackson and Jessie, and without any doubt, this blog contains few of the most beautifully taken pictures in Ariel view – like that of Hanoi. The blog has a slideshow of trending posts and contains multiplicity of articles, those regarding exercises like Yoga Poses for Travelers to more enchanting ones like The Stairway to Heaven.

Plan Your Trip Now

This is actually a travel guide to the Philippines; whether you are going for three days, one week or ten days, this blog provides you all the minute information which can be of any use to you making your experiences of the journey all the more beautiful. You can plan all your tours on this blog online and the blog – full of local knowledge, hospitality and genuine concern for travellers – will never let you down.

Fantasy Aisle

Fantasy Aisle is a luxury travel and adventure blog run by Kelly Glynn. This blog has the distinctive category of “Destination Wedding” which features articles about multiple weddings. The other category – destinations – is subdivided into continents. There are also multiple travelling tips regarding culture, history, what to pack and what not and finally different do’s and don’ts. All the personal information of Kelly is added in the “about Kelly” category down to favorite things and fun facts.

What Kate Did Next

This blog is run by Kate who is a beauty addict and a shoe hoarder. The product is primarily about beauty, lifestyle, and fashion. There is a separate category “Product Index” where you can explore multiple products, their description included. You can find monthly archives, tweets and subscription option on the homepage. The inspiration for Kate in making this blog is her interest in different beauty and lifestyle blogs.

Europe for Kids – Family Tours

This is one of the best blogs in terms of content as well as its representation. The slideshow on the front page contains most heart-touching photos. Just below the slideshow, there is a search option where you can search any place. The blog has two main categories: the countries and the Kid’s corner. There are also subcategories like educational and creative activities and other family tours. Formerly, this blog only featured Rome and later it expanded itself. Every event this blog offers you is educational, creative and family-friendly as well as entertaining. There are also many discounts offered on this blog which you can avail. The tours are categorized by country names as well as price ranges.

My Way to be myself

This blog is run by Ilaria Icardi and is about fashion, beauty, food and travels. Each article is mentioned by different tags like showbiz, trends, and beauty, etc. There are multiple fashion articles ranging from outfits to casual dressing and bride appearance. The blog also features many videos uploaded on YouTube. There are also many other features regarding collaborations, campaigns, press, and interviews.

Yours Sincerely

This blog is run by Catarina who finds solace in assimilating herself in other cultures. According to Catherine, traveling and exploring other cultures are her best activities. There is a distinct category of “Life Abroad” which is subcategorized in “Foreign Relations” making this blog distinctive insofar as it doesn’t involve a few days journeys experience rather a permanent settlement and the accompanied experiences. There are multiple tags available as well as archives and Recent Posts option. The photography is way too outstanding like that in the articles about Moscow and Italy. There are different articles about food as well as travel.

A World Full of Fairytales

This blog is run by Claudi County. The slideshow on the front page contains beautiful pictures of America. Almost all the articles on the front page are about different places in America except few except few like “My Favorite Travel Souvenirs”. There is also a tag cloud with multiple features such as Lake, Photography, San Francisco, Berlin, and Denmark, etc. there are general articles like Biking in and around, and other specific regarding some particular country.