Deep in the heart of every traveler, there is a constant desire to find about new destinations one can go to but beginning new journeys with almost no planning is not an easy thing. Thankfully, the internet has entirely changed the landscape for travelers. There are blogs on the internet which have been created by people who’re avid travelers themselves for the benefit of the community as a whole. However, not every blog has been created alike.

Although the community of travelers is large, the number of eloquent people who have the ability to forcefully share their experiences with everyone on the internet is very small. Only a handful of these can deliver an immersive experience where the reader feels that he’s sharing the same experience as the writer has had. We searched the internet and found these travel blogs which we feel every traveler needs to follow.

Meanwhile U and Me

This is a blog maintained by an Indonesian traveler but your first visit to the blog will be like a breath of fresh air. Too many bloggers don’t care about the look of their website but this is a blogger who cares about both the quality of his writing as well as his blog. The homepage is clean and contains a slideshow of some amazing photos from the blogger’s trips. The blogger has not just reviewed the places but the different hotels from the places he has visited have too been covered which will help you make an informed decision. We highly recommend following this blog.

Kira L Kurtis

This blog is run by Kira L Kurtis and features a variety of things like fitness tips, fashion tips, beauty designs and travel guides. Each of the categories mentioned has its own slide show for a delightful and ravishing visual experience. There are featured articles regarding all categories making it all the more attractive. The beauty of the content parallels the visuals of the blog which are high definition and smooth. The blog also offers multiple features like a subscription for emails, books, blog archive and connecting links for Facebook and Pinterest.

Escape Reno

This blog is run by Caitlin who describes herself as a Reno girl looking for adventures around her and abroad. Caitlin has a distinguished desire to explore her own backyard, her own city and country unlike many of the bloggers who are continuously moving to different parts of the world without ever exploring what lies in their native land. All the articles updated on the blog contain a sensational picture making it easier for readers to completely understand what Caitlin wants to say. There are also tags mentioned to locate the stuff of one’s desire easily. The blog also tells the current location of Caitlin. The articles are as sparse as The Wilderness and Wild horses of Nevada and others featuring dog valley.

Maria Jesus

Maria Jesus is a travel blog maintained by Maria, After completing her high school she visited Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Venezuela, Ecuador, Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, England, Scotland, United Arab Emirates, New Zealand, Vanuatu, India, Australia, Indonesia and Vietnam. You can follow her travel blog to read her adventures. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world

Pot of Stuff

This blog is run by Ana Thorsdottir and is actually a pot of different articles, the most recent being Ancestry DNA. The blog has a distinctive tag of most recent posts and it has three categories – beauty, food, and travel. There are articles about the exploration of the world and about the life of the blogger in particular. The blog also has tags of Instagram and Pinterest. Most of the articles are interesting like “Eat, Drink and Act like a Buddhist Monk in London” – which combines two sparse and fundamentally different things like those of Buddhism and the fast moving modern technological world of London.

The Anti-Tourist

This blog is run by Desiree, who describes herself on the blog as a law student, bookworm, and food exquisite. The title of the blog seems fundamentally at odds with the nature of the blog – that is sharing personal experiences of journey with the world – but in reality it is not. The name suggests that Desiree doesn’t want you to see the world with the eyes of other tourists or keeping in mind the views of different magazines; instead, she wants to visit the world with an open mind and this is the distinction of this blog as well as its title. The blog also features different analytical articles regarding the solution of different racial problems like “How Racial Fear and Prejudice are Ruining Your Travels”.

Magic Kervan

This blog is more like a writer’s inspiration and a collection of first-hand documentary notes and impressions which any writer can use. As a consequence of offering these first-hand experiences blog also invites different writings which are based on these impressions and are worthy enough to be published as a guest post. The blog features brilliantly selected articles like “A Year on the Road: Some Thoughts” which is a lustrous example of one’s journey into thoughts. Another distinction about this blog is that it does not feature short-term experiences regarding any place, that is to say, most of the articles are about five to six months stay in any particular area or a one-year living experience in a penniless condition.

Being Ashleigh

This blog is run by Ashleigh Dougherty and her love for her puppy is clear on the homepage logo and she also mentions her living with her puppy. Ashleigh shares 96 percent of her life with the world and her experiences include visiting different parts of the world, suggestions about cosmetics and her opinions and reviews regarding fashion and lifestyle. The blog also offers archives and the category of most read articles. The blog has an Instagram extension and also offers an email subscription.

Piara Strainge

This blog is run by Piara Strainge who is a person of refined taste with experiences in writing, travelling and photography. The blog contains her published books, her published portfolio – which contains articles, poetry, guest blog posts – and all the personal details about herself. Her published books cover topics such as freelancing, workings of mind and introduction to the publishing industry.

Gabriela Grey

This blog is run by Gabriela Grey whose ultimate gain through travelling is happiness. Gabriela describes herself as a dreamer and shares her experience of travelling as well as some tips on how to find the good flight and whether one should use money or credit cards. She has uploaded different diaries regarding different journeys and the pictures speak it all.

Labyrinths of Lahrah

This is an amazing Nigerian photography and travel blog with a vast store of pictures apparent on the homepage. This blog features travels, reviews and different lifestyles in different areas of Nigeria. There are more pictures on the blog than words which are clearly sufficient for the visitor to be amazed and for quick visual experience through the photography of the blogger.


Coolbrandz is a collection of cool items and cool suggestions about shopping and travel etc. The numbers of things offered are more than other blogs, the extra things being Cool events and Cool ideas. The travel guides offered are diverse ranging from St. Moritz to Florence and the cool events being press breakfasts to Champagne food pairing nights.

Bel Around The World

The question on the top left “Who am I?” makes the blog seem like an existential quest but here are mentioned the personal things about the blogger, and motivations and purposes of the blog are also explained. The blogger being full-time graduation student and fully aware of the expenses required for travel, mentions two categories – Budget travel and Student travel – on the top. The blog also features tags and archives and the search option for the ease of access.

Cush Travel Blog

This is one rewarding blog which covers a great number of countries whether it is Fiji or Papua New Guinea in the Pacific, Georgia in Europe, Kuwait in the Middle East, Pakistan in South Asia or Myanmar in Southeast Asia and this is just scratching the surface. All the trips on the blog are divided by the region of the world which is followed by the country in the region and each country has multiple cities visited. The blog is a heaven for travel lovers and all the blog posts are worth reading. Even if you’ve been to a place, the post about that post will give you new insights which you might’ve missed in a hurry. The blog is maintained by a husband/wife couple and their five friends.

The Traveling Game

The Traveling Game is a blog of a travel journalist, Jeff Game, from California who’s based in Los Angeles at the moment. Jeff is always looking for ways to find new stories which he could tell from a unique angle. This Blog, The Traveling Game, is his personal space where he shares things which are close to him including the details of his adventures in foreign places, the reviews of his favorite movies and other lists he feels are important to share with other travelers. This is a great blog to follow for anyone who wishes to learn more about the experience of living life on the move.

Maria Abroad

Maria Abroad is a blog that focuses on Living an International lifestyle. She shares articles about travel, living abroad etc. She travels with her husband, in her travel blog she shares her adventures. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world.

The Fairytale Pretty Picture

The Fairytale Pretty Picture is run by Alina Ghost and is a collage of interior designs, lifestyles and how to perform different functions. It explains a variety of things ranging from household tasks – how to arrange flowers, how to die things and how to organize a photo album – to more complex things like the description of different travel routes along with the specific details and imagery. The blog is also nominated for Amara interior blog awards.

This is Carrt

The running slideshow speaks it all; the blog is an amalgamation of different recipes of the world, different places and different lifestyles along with changing fashions of different societies. It also provides news and updates when subscribed.


This blog is run by john Reynoldson and the immediate impression one gets by opening the blog is that of updates – the latest visited places along with the details of the journey. It covers such fantastic places like Port Melbourne and Croatia. The blog also serves as the photographic portfolio.

Nissy Adventures

This blog categorizes different continents and their countries for the ease of access. It tells about different stories of those persons who already traveled with Nissy Adventures and also provides offers for new adventures at a very low cost. This blog also accepts different stories from around the world and is willing to show the individual stories to the entire world through this blog.

Back Street Nomad

The exclusive portrayal of this blog of its favorite pictures immediately enable the visitor of the blog to consider whether the taste of blog runner matches with himself or not; if yes he instantly wishes to find a connection and the blog becomes the future guide to the person who just visited it. This blog is run by Australian Luke Marlin who loves to be close to nature, different cultures and other tribes of the world. This blog also provides the e-mail update facility.

Giornalista coccinella

Valentina loves to take pictures, tell stories and convey emotion. And she does it every day with its thousands of followers that constantly follow on all its social channels. Her writing style is direct, timely and free of pisure half. In life she’s a journalist and expert on communication and, in recent years, she’s turning her passion for traveling into a real job.

The Melbourne Whirl Blogger

This blog is run by Theodora and her taste is obvious from the Bernard Shaw’s quote mentioned on the homepage. This blog is about personal daily life routines of Theodora as well as her tours to different corners of the world. The blog also offers many personalized tours ranging from budget tours to private or personalized tours. The personal experiences of Theodora also include things learnt during different tours.

Postcards to Sydney

This blog is run by Ashley Diterlizzi and destinations are categorized for the ease of access; those being as diverse as New Zealand, Germany, Australia, France and England. The blog also contains many reviews of restaurants, airlines, and hotels. The blog is basically based in Sydney, Australia with a full map of locations provided.

City Peek

The blog is a complex collection of reviews about restaurants, different entertainments, hotels and some real estates. It also encourages individual reviews and experiences from persons all over the world. Instagram captured photos are also available which present the places visited by the blogger, foods eaten and different other daily life things.

Imperfectly Free

Imperfectly Free is a travel blog maintained by Rachael from Ireland. Even though she’s just 23 years old, she is very passionate about traveling all over the world and seeing new places. In order to better facilitate her trips abroad, she learnt French and Spanish during her university studies.

Chronicles of A Cold Texan

Chronicles of A Cold Texan is a blog by Ashley who is an American expat living in the cold northern land of Finland; her blog contains recipes, health and fitness tips and travel tips as well. This is a great blog to follow for anyone who wishes to learn more about the experience of living life on the move.


Hallycon is a travel blog by Irem Kocagoz. It’s one of the top travel blogs out there. There is motivation and a number of lessons to follow on this blog.

Golden Wings Diary

Golden Wings Diary, as the name suggests, is the diary of Miss Golden Wings who flies all over the world and shares the details of her amazing adventures in her blog. Katerina is the name of our Miss Golden Wings who was born and raised in Cyprus but her thirst for adventure has taken her to different parts of the world. Her first time in traveling was at a very young age when she went to Switzerland with her father.
She created her blog in the middle of 2015 to chronicle her adventure and ever since its creation; the blog has been a source of information and motivation in the lives of many prospective travelers. Apart from the day-to-day adventures, she also speaks about the amazing places in different countries and gives advice on the things to do and avoid in different parts of the world.

The Hungry Partier

The Hungry Partier is a blog by a 20-something named Drew who has been traveling the world for quite some time now. This blog is his space where he shares his experiences and lessons which he has learnt by traveling to 74 countries. You can find many crazy things on his blogs along with some very thoughtful lessons about life. His eloquent style of writing is what brings his readers back to his blog again and again. If you’re looking for some motivation to travel or learn about the different fun things to do in different parts of the world then this is the blog to follow.

John Kera Photography

John Kera has been into photography ever since he has been 8 years old when his father bought him his first film camera. John Kera Photography is his blog where he shares his collection of photos from all over the world. His love for photography has taken him to many beautiful places around the globe. If you’re someone who has a passion for photography but you’re looking for reasons to travel then this blog will provide plenty of inspiration.

Pot Of Stuff

Pot Of Stuff is a travel blog by Ana T, she is from Serbia and is currently working in London. She has visited 37 countries and around 170 cities. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world.

Travel. Experience. Live

Travel. Experience. Live. This is the blog of a Belgian travel writer and photographer Bram who has been traveling around the world since 2010 and in these few years he has traveled and spent time in 26 countries spread over 4 continents. This blog is the place where Bram chronicles his journeys and shares his advice for people who’re interested in traveling to different parts of the world. The posts are highly diverse and include topics as diverse as installing travel apps on your phone to the experience of riding a hot air Balloon. This blog is definitely a must follow for anyone who is interested in seeing different parts of the world from the lens of someone who has seen so much of it.

South Pond Farms

South Pond Farms is a blog by Danielle. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world. 

The Tofu Traveler

The Tofu Traveler is a blog by an Australian traveler, Cristal, who has been traveling since 2004. She spent the first year of her travels in South America where she volunteered and learnt many important things including learning to dive properly and speaking Spanish. It was then that she was bitten by the travel bug which ultimately led to the birth of her blog. She uses this blog to share her experiences with the world along with giving advice on different matters to the prospective travelers. If South America is what you’re looking forward to visit then this is where you’ll find everything you need to know about it.

Wander With Laura

Wander With Laura is a travel blog by Laura. She is a writer, avid reader and sufferer of major wanderlust. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world.

Recovering Hippie

Recovering Hippie is a travel blog by Rebecca. You can find many crazy things on his blogs along with some very thoughtful lessons about life. Her eloquent style of writing is what brings his readers back to her blog again and again. There is a lot to learn from her adventures and mishaps, this is something which deserves to be read by everyone.

Aditi Mathur Kumar

Aditi Mathur Kumar is an army wife who has a knack for telling intriguing stories. She’s the author of two books which have become very popular in India. Moreover, she loves to travel a lot and this website is her secret place she shares the details of her travels. She also makes a point of writing about humor, lifestyle and life in general. It is her conversational tone of writing which has made her a favorite of many thousands of readers.

Tily Travels

Tily Travels is a travel blog by Natalie Marie. Based in Melbourne, Australia, follow Natalie as she gives in to wanderlust and takes off exploring both her homeland and far away cities. Always on the search for street art and bucket-list experiences, Tily is a collection of unforgettable memories as well as travel reviews, photography and information to inspire your next journey abroad whether it be solo or with friends. For anyone who cares about the power of words and photography as much as he or she values the journey, this is a blog certainly worth following. 

Our Travels… Our Story

Our Travels… Our Story is a blog by a Sydney-based couple who’ve been bitten by the travel bug for some time now. Apart from traveling, another important hobby of the couple is food and trying the local cuisine of faraway places is one of their favorite things to do in a foreign land. They’ve been in Europe for some time and they’re using it as an opportunity to cover the entire Europe. Their blog posts are heartfelt accounts of a couple deeply in love which every couple with a desire to see the world will appreciate.


Retrodelicious is a blog maintained by Cara Twinkbat who lives in the suburbs of Brighton (UK) and this website is the place where she speaks her mind about food, travel and life. She has been blogging since 2012 and in this time she has amassed thousands of regular followers who appreciate her keen observations about life, travel and a lot of other stuff. Not only is the website great for information on different things in life, you’ll also learn to make delicious eatables as well.


ViaHero is a website run by a group of travelers who also have a business of travel guides. The core team consists of Greg and Sara who believe that the most authentic experience in a foreign country comes with local experts who have a good knowledge of the terrain and great places to visit and they can enhance the pleasure of the journey without getting in the way of your personal traveling experience. The site is presently focused towards Cuba so if you’re looking towards a trip to Cuba then this is a good place to start.

Living Charm

Living Charm is a blog run by Annie and Sara who’re two creative professionals in the corporate world who have a great love for traveling and lifestyle. This blog is their place to share the details of their trips around the world along with providing helpful tips on health, style and self-improvement. On the travel side of the blog, they share their favorite places along with their favorite activities in those places. The great pictures they take are definitely bound to inspire you to travel and if you’re a woman then you’d want to take their advice on which accessories to use to make you stand out from the crowd.

Travel & Lifestyle

Rafael Ruiz is the force behind the blog Travel & Lifestyle where he shares his opinions on travels and reviews different restaurants and bars he comes across all over the world. Rafael is based in Sydney, Australia so he also covers the events taking place around him. This is a complete lifestyle blog where you get to see different aspects of life from Rafael’s point of view but the absolute best thing is the way he integrates delicious food in his blog. If you’re a foodie who has a passion for life and a streak of adventure within you waiting to blossom then this is a blog to follow.

Buddhaful Britt

Buddhaful Britt is a blog where cultures meet. This blog is essentially the chronicles of an American woman who falls in love, and eventually marries, an Indian Sikh and the adventures which follow. Lisa Brittain has been a traveler ever since she was a child but now this aspect of her life has taken a major new turn. The blog features tales from her life told in a manner which are bound to move anyone. Lisa’s posts will often make you smile and sometimes cry and both at the same time on some rare occasions. There is a lot to learn from her adventures and mishaps, this is something which deserves to be read by everyone.

GoAround Tour

GoAround Tour and Travels is a travel management company which provides a range of travel and destination management related services. They take great pride in delivering highest quality of service to the clients at the most competitive rates. The website covers the range of travel packages which the company provides both inside and outside India at a number of locations.

Los Fizz

Los Fizz is a blog run by Carlos who uses this as a platform to share the things which he likes with the rest of the world. Apart from the things he likes, he also shares his personal experiences from his life and dives advice on different matters. The things Carlos discusses at his blog are extremely diverse. It includes his trips to different parts of the world; his love affair with cars is visible from his car reviews, his photography is also at display on the website along with the advice on food and things which happen in his college.

Abstract Organza

Abstract Organza is a lifestyle blog by Idalia who is a citizen of the world. The blog has advice on fashion and there are great beauty tips for everyone. The heart of the website is her traveling adventures though. They motivate you to get out of your comfort zones and inspire you to begin your own journeys. The best thing about the website is her beautiful writing whether it is her description of an island in Qatar or Street Art in NYC. Idalia’s writing will move you, inspire you, make you smile and cry with her – whatever it does; it’ll definitely change you for the better.

Give for Granted

Give for Granted is the travel blog of Jenna Davis who is a travel blogger from Canada. It was in late 2012 that Jenna decided she didn’t want a 9-5 life for the rest of her days and it was then that she embarked on her journeys to places she knew were too difficult for her and that was also when this blog was born. Jenna is on a journey to prove that sustainable travel is possible and all her experiences in foreign lands are a part of her blog. Her blog has great insights on saving money when you’re traveling and she also tells you about the things which the locals do in those places. This is one of those rare blogs which take you right to the heart of action and it deserves to be followed by anyone who has a passion for life and sustainable travel.

Blogs by FA

Blogs by FA is a website maintained by Fatima Ali who comes from Pakistan but has now been married in the UK where she has started blogging fulltime. Her main areas of interest include lifestyle, food and traveling. She has been writing since she was in school and her stories used to get featured in the leading English dailies of the country. Writing is her passion which becomes apparent by just having a glance at her blog. It’s a lifestyle blog which everyone should follow especially if they’re looking for some good places for food in the UK.

Another Fine Story

Another Fine Story is the story of Carmen, a girl who lives in Berlin. Carmen is one of those lucky people who get to see the world for both pleasure and work. On this website, she shares her experiences from her travels in both words and pictures. Her work is in the field of hospitality and tourism which takes her all over the world. Since she lives in Berlin, she also writes about the life in the city and the best places to see and go for food in Berlin. The photographs she takes are some of the best ones, if you’re someone who likes to see the details in colors then you should definitely follow Carmen’s blog. Pictures of this blog was taken by her boyfriend Alex, you can view his work at Parkway Berlin.

The Sunny Side Of This

The website is being run by Isabel who details her journey and shares her misadventures as an expat in the mountainous republic of Slovenia in Central Europe. She was raised in Mexico so there is also a fair amount of material on what makes Mexico so great. She married to the man of her dreams who happened to be a Slovenian which is reason why she moved to the Sunny Side of Alps and now chronicles here adventures there.

Loon the Go

Lo on the Go is a blog run by Leonie who is a 20 something year old fitness and lifestyle blogger. She is a relatively new addition in the world of travel blogging and her first major independent trip was to Perth in Australia back in 2014. Her blog is not just a place for memoirs but it is also a place where she shares her personal experiences and the lessons which she has learnt with traveling. She wants to spread the knowledge as far as possible. Anyone who has a special fascination with ocean and marine life will find himself hooked to Leonie’s sea dwelling adventures.

Perfect Jem

Perfect Jem is a complete lifestyle blog which doesn’t just limit itself to the travels of a single person. Jem has a well-rounded personality who, apart from going on a trip to some of the most exotic locations in the world, also writes poetry and short stories. This is a proof of the depth of character which she brings to her creations. If you’re looking for a complete package where travels around the world discussed along with moving poetry then this is a blog to look for.

Effortless Provisions

Effortless Provisions is the endeavor of Rachel and Memo Y Raquel who has spent years in the hospitality industry. After their marriage, they left their jobs to have a proper honeymoon and it has been going ever since. The couple travels around the world and prepares some of the best travel guides on the internet. They believe in calling a spade a spade and that is what makes them stand apart.

Eclectic Trekker

Nothing catches the attention of travelers more than a personal account containing vivid descriptions of a fellow traveler’s journeys. Eclectic Trekker has perfected the art of making every experience personal to the utmost degree and indulging the readers in her journey in what’s the most immersive reading experience ever. For anyone who cares about the power of words as much as he or she values the journey, this is a blog certainly worth following.

The Lady-Like Leopard (The lll)

This blog by Melina Morry covers much more than just her travels around the world. We all know that we’re diverse people, at the end of the day, with different tastes and experiences which are not just limited to adventure and traveling. This is a blog which aims to cater an entire lifestyle instead of just discussing one aspect of our lives. If this is your cup of tea then we highly recommend you to follow it.

Life on My Plate

Life on My Plate is a travel and food blog which is being run by Upasna who is based in Delhi, India. This twenty-something woman has a great love for traveling whether it is in her own country, India, or the rest of the world. So far she has been to more than 12 countries and the list is constantly increasing. The great thing about her blog is her love for food. She tries the local cuisine of all her destinations and gives a detailed commentary on how everything is and which places are worthy of your money and which are not.

Autobiography of an Adventurer

Autobiography of an Adventurer is a blog run by Sarah Dittmore who has been traveling since the age of 18 when she convinced everyone that she’ll be fine traveling alone in South Africa when she was just out of high school. Her lasted went for 5 months where she also taught in Ethiopia and went to Turkey on a road trip. During her three years at NYU, she has studied in different countries, the details of which she shares on this blog.

My Peace Love Life

‘My Peace Love Life’ is the website of Jessica LaPinta who is also known as China Barbie. She’s a married woman in her twenties from Ohio who loves to read, sing, travel and help other people. The reason why she is called China Barbie is because of her obsession with everything China after her two year stay in the country. Jessica has different interests, apart from traveling, which are clearly visible in her blog which is not just a travelogue but a full lifestyle guide.

Forever Barcelona

Forever Barcelona is a company run by Marta Laurent which specializes in private tours for couple, families and groups of co-workers or friends. She has been running this company since 2000 and 2005 was the year when she launched this website. She uses the website for the promotion of her company and the blog for advice to people who’re coming to Barcelona on the best places to visit along with other helpful tips.


K&K Labs is basically a photography company which delivers beautiful memories of some of the best times you’ve had especially when traveling abroad. Their work doesn’t just end at capturing moments, in fact, that is just the beginning of what they do. Their love and passion for photography is visible from their website. Their website showcases their portfolio and their contact information.

Travelooney Blog

This is a blog maintained by a fellow traveler from Denmark, with the name of Brian, who has covered a large part of Europe in great detail. Brian explains the finer points of life in different cities of Europe in great detail and for anyone who is interested in the nitty-gritty of Europe, which almost every traveler in the world is, and then this is a blog worthy of following. Brian has married the love of his life from a foreign land and he often shares anecdotes from their life which are often very interesting and thought provoking.


VoomaGo is a service provided by some of the veterans in the traveling industry who help in building a travel plan for you which is based on your own needs and particular requirements. The services provided by VoomaGo can help you navigate, speak the language and spend time with the owners of local business playing cards without anyone realizing how difficult such a step usually is.
VoomaGo goes beyond the basic need of seeing new places; it helps you in making a thorough cultural engagement in a foreign land without worrying about the logistical details. The goal is achieved by having a large number of hundpicked locals in being touch with VoomaGo

Travel Where To Next

Where to Next is a blog run by Tessa and Matt. Tessa Juliette – a girl who spent a lot of time coming out of the unfortunate experience of not being able to travel in her youth and she’s now trying to make up for that lost time by spending her life on the move now. Matt, on the other hand, brought a lot of traveling experience as his family used to travel a lot and this bug bit him at a very early age. They both are married now and have traveled to some great places on earth.

Wife with Baggage

Many of us have a desire for traveling but we also feel commitment towards our jobs and can’t jeopardize our jobs because of our desire to travel. The risk is just too much. Wife with Baggage is being run by a couple. Diane and Michael are career-minded individuals but they’ve traveled to 12 countries in 6 continents while keeping their 9-5 jobs in fact both of them love their day jobs. This blog can help you incorporate travel in your life even if you’re focusing on your career. Every professional should follow this blog for some of the greatest advice ever given.


Nidhi KM is the founder director of Viharin, she is based in India. Viharin aims to connect the people who have already traveled to a place with people who’re yet in their deciding phase and haven’t yet made up their minds on the things they want to do. The long-term objective of the website is to promote tourism all over the world. It provides services to tourism boards, hotels and resorts of the world, while also providing value to its readers. If you’re someone who has been finding it hard to decide the place for the summer vacations, this website is a treasure trove.

Bunks and Beaches

Laura is the face behind Bunks and Beaches and she is a 24 year old traveler who has visited 35 countries of the world so far and she plans on covering the rest in her lifetime too. This blog is the place where she shares her experiences and offer advice about things she has learnt from firsthand personal experiences. There are a number of readers who’ve found the inspiration to travel from her posts and are now traveling in different parts of the world after getting motivated by her writing. Just a single look at her blog and the pictures of her travels is a delightful experience, surely bound to inspire you.

Checking in Travel

Checking In is a blog run by a couple who decided, in 2014, about traveling the world and they haven’t looked back since then. The couple takes great pride in their trips which is evident from their thorough coverage of the places they’ve traveled to. Apparently, they’re great photographers too because all their pictures are so gorgeous which capture the true beauty of the place they’re covering. Often, it is these pictures alone which force quite a number of young men to embark on their own journeys. Along with blogs covering places, they also share their advice on how to save money at a foreign place and how to become a better traveler by taking care of a few things.

Select Croatia

Select Croatia is a travel blog which targets a limited market but the targeting itself is absolutely marvelous. Almost every tiny detail about Croatia is shared here whether it is a popular spot or a cultural event. If it is happening in Croatia then you can be sure that it will be shared on this blog. If you’re going to Croatia or ever plan to go to this amazing country with such a great history then this is a blog you need to follow.

Hostel Me

Often the most difficult task when making a foreign trip is to look for decent accommodation which fits your budget. It would’ve been a very difficult task if you were alone in this but thankfully you’re not, Hostel Me scours the internet to find the most convenient hostels in all parts of the world. It also features reviews of different hostels by people who’ve been to those places. This blog is a blessing for many travelers all over the world.

Petite Adventures

Petite Adventures is a blog maintained by Kate who is a communications and social media strategist and has covered a good portion of Africa, Central America, Europe and North America. All the experiences shared are personal and immersive. Anyone who enjoys reading eloquent personal stories from fellow travelers should follow petite adventures for great personal stories.

The Globe Nomad

If you want to really learn about new countries and their cultures including their cuisine and all the finer points then very few would be able to teach you better than the globe nomad. The blog is maintained by Mike from Malta, Europe, who works as a Software Quality Assurance Manager in his day job but he is a very passionate traveler who takes traveling very seriously. His blog posts are not just about the journey and the lifestyle but there is also great advice for anyone who listens in posts like ‘How to financially survive Japan’ which explains about having a great experience in Japan while on a budget.

Katie Scarlett

This is a blog which covers a great number of things which include not just where to go and how to have fun there but also how to enjoy your time in the best way possible such by listening to a highly curated playlist of music by Katie Scarlett. This blog is travel, inspiration, fashion, beauty and lifestyle all combined in a single package. You should follow this for an ultimate experience.

Rec Your Trip

We cannot always trust our memories to give a true representation of our trips. The only reliable proof we have of our trips is what’s stored in some digital medium. Rec Your Trip provides you great tools and tips to record your journeys in the best ways possible which you’ll be able to share with friends and family for a long time to come.


YouMash is created by Saikat Ghosh who is a web developer as well as a fellow traveler. Although Saikat is still a teenager, he is an extremely passionate teenager who has been to many places in an extremely short time. It is interesting to see a teenager express his traveling experiences so eloquently.

The Good Diehls

This blog is maintained by a team of a husband and wife, Heather and Curtis Diehl, who’re into arts and traveling and often these two combine for them resulting in some very interesting experiences. Follow their blog to see what they’ve been doing lately after their last trip to Portugal and the Balkans.


placeOK is a blog which covers everything from the South America whether it is their cuisine or their culture or just some of the best places to visit which you may not find on your own. The in-depth knowledge of placeOK is what sets it apart from the rest and makes it a blog deserving to be followed.

Get Jaunty

Get Jaunty is a travel and lifestyle blog that advises on the best experiences to reach for when travelling abroad, with a focus on interrailing through Europe. Created by Fran, a twenty-something traveller who does both big trips and weekend getaways, it aims to show you what can be achieved on a small budget and how it may feel to travel as a solo female, offering both tips and quality photography. Follow Get Jaunty on social media to keep up with the destinations covered and to ask your personal travel questions if you’re planning a trip

Mi Sto Viaggiando Addoso

It is a blog run by Valentina and Alessio, a couple from Italy, where they share their experiences of travel in Italy, Europe and the rest of World. The blog inspires the fellow travelers by telling them about unexpected places and reviewing different places of accommodation at places which they’ve visited.

Cava for Lunch

Cava for lunch is much more than just a blog, it is a platform which has been designed to inspire and motivate people. The goal is not to travel more but to travel better. Although Christina, the owner of the blog, belongs to Norway, she has covered a good part of Europe to give beautiful accounts of her journeys.

Road Schooling

Road Schooling with the frugal Navy wife is a blog by Danielle who is a wife of a Navy veteran from the United States. Her husband and four children travel full time in their RV and this blog captures the adventures which ensue from their journeys into the wild and unexpected territories. This is a blog with life.

Latitude and Avenue

Latitude and Avenue is a blog created by Nicole Ballantine who followed her passion for traveling and turned it into a blog so she doesn’t have to work a 9-6 job and sacrifice her passion for traveling. This blog is a very good source for travel guides in many important parts of the world.

Weekend Candy

Many of us usually don’t have the time to leave everything behind and go on a tour of the world but still have the burning desire to visit great places. This blog is full of great ideas for those individuals who’re always short of time and the only travel usually possible for them is on the weekends.

Savored Journeys

‘Savored journeys’ is exactly what its name says. Laura, the author of the blog, has been a traveler for over 20 years and has covered nearly 50 countries in great detail. Her blog offers a great deal of insight into many things such as telling you about some amazing food and some of the cheapest flights available.

Our World Heritage

Our World Heritage is a blog which has been maintained by a Belgian family. The family has an aim of covering all 878 World heritage sites as defined by UNESCO. Even though the list is long, their resolve for the exploration of our world is very strong too. This is a blog worth following for anyone who is interested in the world’s heritage sites.

Gamin Traveler

The Gamin Traveler is maintained by two highly motivated individuals, Ruben and Rachel, who have a passion for life on the move. This blog aims to provide tactical guides for travel which covers techniques on how to balance the life when you’re traveling. Ruben has traveled to more than 70 countries of the world so his experience is something which is beneficial for everyone.