Zappos Coupon 2015 – Working Coupons

Zappos is an online shoe company, it’s currently based in Las Vegas. , the company was acquired by back in 2009, it was founded back in 1999, and since then it has become one of the biggest shoe company in the world.

Zappos was founded by Nick and the initial inspiration came when he couldn’t found pair of brown shoes at his local mall, after some time nick approached Tony and Alfred with the idea of selling shoes online. The company was initially started with the name of and later on the name was changed to, in 1999 zappos brought about 1.6 million in revenue.

In 2001 Zappos sales increased to 8.6 million. In 2002, they opened their own fulfillment center, in start the advertisement cost was almost close to nothing and company grew by word of mouth promotion. In 2010, the company reached the goal of $1 billion in sales and received inclusion in Fortune’s best company to work for list.

Zappos primary selling base is shoes which covers almost 80 percent of their business, there are over 50,000 varieties of shoes that are sold in Zappos, From Nike, Ugg to Steve Madden heels, you can buy anything, back in 2007 Zappos expanded their inventory to Clothing, handbags, eye wears etc. as well.

On average Zappos employees answer about 5000 calls a month, they have one of the best customer support service, if you’ve any questions regarding your purchase, then you can contact their customer support service and one of their customer support representative will get back to you.

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